100 Infinite-Thread Lift Patients – 5 lessons learned

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100 Infinite-Thread Lift Patients – 5 lessons learned

Most people mark significant anniversaries in their life, from birthdays to wedding anniversaries. Personally, I’ve added a new date to that list.

January 2022 marked two years since I started offering Infinite-Thread Lift, our flagship, minimally invasive facelift.

And after treating more than 100 patients, it feels like a big milestone!

I originally discovered this cutting-edge technique in France, where it’s very popular, and was determined to bring it to Britain. I knew it would be perfect for many of our patients, who were unhappy about looking older because their skin had started to sag. But who were not ready to go “under the knife”.

It involves using special cannulas to gently insert suspension threads under your skin, lifting your tissue in a similar way to a facelift – and giving you smooth, tight skin. 

I was excited by the significant improvement it delivered, particularly around the jawline. The procedure was fast and safe, and the results looked very, very natural (fitting in beautifully with our philosophy of “Invisible aesthetics,” where no one can tell you’ve had a procedure).

Best of all, the doctors who performed this procedure on the Continent told me that the results had longevity. But two years ago, even I couldn’t have predicted how happy it would make so many patients.

People like “Judy”, who told me:

“I’m not a denier of getting older, but I wanted to be able to look into the mirror and say, ‘That’s me, that’s my face, how I’ve always looked,’ and that’s exactly what I’ve got. I feel like myself again.”

And Teresa, our very first Infinite-Thread Lift patient, said:

“I could see the difference immediately. The sagging around the jowls was gone, and my whole face was lifted. I had exactly the result I wanted to achieve, with no change to my features or my essential looks. I was still me, but with a lift – from the very beginning!”

Nor did I realise just how much it would impact me, too. I love performing this cutting-edge procedure, which has really become my signature!

ITL Treatment – before (left) and 2 years after (right)

Since I’m often asked “what’s new” with Infinite-Thread Lift, I thought I’d share with you 5 insights we’ve gained after our first 2 years / 100 patients.

1.  It really is long-lasting! 

The results of “regular” thread lift procedures last around 18 months.  

Two years on, our first Infinite-Thread Lift patients are still going strong, with no sign of the results beginning to fade in any way. We expect results to last significantly longer and will continue to monitor patients.

2. Results continue to improve with time.

Not only have results been maintained, but I believe our Infinite-Thread Lift patients actually look better after 24 months. This is because, with time the threads have had a chance to settle, as has the vascularity.

They look even more natural and there seems to be some improvement to their skin quality as well (possibly because when we lift your skin, we’re also lifting blood vessels under the surface which have moved over time back to their ideal position).

3. We’ve had no infections or major complications. 

This was always a very safe procedure; Infinite Thread is CE-marked, which means that it meets the very stringent requirements of the European Union for medical devices.

Still, it’s reassuring to see that in over 100 procedures, we’ve had virtually no problems. 

4. The results are better for faces than for necks. 

The technique can address both faces and necks, but I’ve found the definition gives more significance and more pleasing to the face, particularly around the jaw area. That’s where we now focus.

5. We can personalise your results. 

For doctors, there’s a learning curve with every treatment you carry out.

The first few times, you follow protocol precisely. Once you’re confident with your delivery, you can start to improve and evolve your technique – and that’s exactly what I’ve done with Infinite-Thread Lift.

After 100 patients, I can customise the treatment much more precisely to each face. 

Some patients benefit from more than the standard number of threads. And I’ve learned how to adapt the location of the threads and their tension, depending on the patient’s needs.

Where necessary, we’ve also started combining Infinite-Thread Lift with other treatments which complement it – in particular, Sculptra to improve skin tone.
I’ve also had several patients who have combined Infinite-Thread Lift with a treatment for their eye area, like the Madonna Eyelift. I’ll be sharing two detailed case studies over the next few days, so watch out for those emails!

The bottom line is that Infinite-Thread Lift was always a game-changing treatment, but we’ve become even better at using it to get beautiful, natural, long-lasting results.

Wondering whether it might be right for you, too? Let’s talk. 

If you’d like to know more, visit our Infinite-Thread Lift treatment page and book a free online consultation with me through our app.

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