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Beauty for blokes

Published on June 29, 2015 by

Going to the gym regularly and eating a healthy diet doesn’t attract the same kind of comments that having Botox®, dermal fillers or treatment to improve skin condition does, but caring for your body and looking and feeling good can’t

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It’s not just for women!

Published on June 22, 2015 by

Galderma’s Proof in Real Life campaign, headed by Sharon Stone, used identical twins to show how Skinboosters and dermal fillers can make small changes that look completely natural – for men as well as women. Two sets of twins were

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What the fitness expert says

Published on June 18, 2015 by

Chris Birch is a personal trainer and, as you might imagine, walks the talk and works out regularly, not just with his clients, but to maintain his optimum level of health and fitness. “Having a career as a personal trainer

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Fit for Action

Published on June 15, 2015 by

Today’s world gets increasingly busier as instead of technology saving time it simply delivers so much information that most of us find it hard to keep up. An ever lengthening to-do list creates stress. No wonder you feel worn out

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Subtle enhancements

Published on June 11, 2015 by

An attractive young woman can turn into a plastic doll in the wrong hands: Plastic surgery is an extreme intervention, but even Botox and fillers can produce obvious results – look at people like Dolly Parton, Barry Manilow and the

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Sharon Stone heads the ‘In Real Life’ campaign

Published on June 8, 2015 by

Sharon Stone is the first celebrity to endorse an aesthetic brand to increase openness and understanding of aesthetic treatments and the natural-looking results they can create. She points out that celebrity pictures are often airbrushed (and we’ve all seen press

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Jiggly bits!

Published on June 1, 2015 by

You may look fabulous in your clothes, but who wants to hide under a towel when the beach beckons? Playing volleyball or Frisbee with friends, chasing the kids into the sea, lying around the pool soaking up the rays or

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