Are thread veins changing your life?

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Are thread veins changing your life?

If you have those horrid little red lines on your face – the answer is probably ‘yes’.  No matter how confident you are, having visible blemishes on your face is likely to make you feel they need to be covered up.

Thread veins are the result of broken blood vessels, leaving a little thread-like red line under your skin.  The problem is that you never get just one – there’s almost always a whole nest of them. They’re not dangerous, just unsightly and, of course, can be hidden by a heavy foundation cream.

Most people who suffer from thread veins hate them!  Men and women alike.

Laser removal of spider veins

The other bane of many people’s lives is Rosacea.  If you’ve never suffered from this you’ve probably noticed a friend or business colleague who has experienced it.  It manifests as a redness over areas of skin and is a ‘relative’ of acne.

Fortunately, if you’re in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire thread vein removal and reduction of Rosacea are relatively simple processes: just come along to the clinic and magic will take place!

Well – not real magic, but medical magic.  Patients who have suffered for years with these conditions really feel like the results of their treatments are like magic.  Fortunately, it’s quite straightforward and there are two treatments that work extremely well in repairing thread veins and reducing Rosacea – V-Beam and IPL.

Laser focus

Lasers can be used in all kinds of ways – and have revolutionised medical treatments.  They’ve been around for a long time now – but it’s important to understand how your laser treatment works.

V-Beam laser treatment works on the blood vessels and collapses those little broken veins and seals them so that there is no blood reaching those little thread marks.  That means no additional thread veins will develop and the blood flows along the veins and arteries as it’s supposed to with no ‘leaks’.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatments work by working on the areas that are pigmented – so the red area caused by Rosacea or the lines where thread veins have developed – the cells absorb the light and the pigmentation is broken down gently.  This lets new skin grow and this is clear and fresh.

VBeam works on some birthmarks too.

Our patients come from all round our local area – Harpenden, St Albans, Luton, Bedford and other Home Counties towns. If you’d like to banish those nasty visible marks and step out of your front door with confidence, book a consultation now through our page here or download the app.

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