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Dermapen Microneedling – Heal Your Skin

Published on December 16, 2016 by

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that is used as a treatment for a variety of skin conditions to restore visibly healthy and rejuvenated skin. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure that involves negligible

My Christmas Gift to You Plus 4 Others

Published on December 14, 2016 by

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, but sadly, the festive season is now associated as much with stress as with happiness. There’s a lot of running around and organising… Family situations are not always easy…. And those

How I Can Tell Your Age

Published on November 28, 2016 by

When the late great Nora Ephron, of Sleepless in Seattle fame, published her 2006 book “I Feel Bad About My Neck”, I knew immediately that it would be a bestseller. That’s because I knew how many women of a similar

Great Skin at Christmas Plan

Published on November 15, 2016 by

I have to admit – I just love Christmas and all that this special time of year entails. I’m sure that your diary is already filling up and that you’re planning ahead… Fabulous party outfit? Bought. Hair appointment? Booked. Restaurant

Change Your Nose Without Surgery

Published on November 8, 2016 by

A few months ago, I overheard one of our receptionists complimenting a patient in her 50s on her long, glossy hair.
 “I’d have it cut short tomorrow,” the patient retorted. “I only keep it this length because it helps disguise

Why Face Wipes are Bad for Your Skin

Published on October 25, 2016 by

We live in a world of convenience where we love products that are quick and easy to use – and easily disposed of…. Which is probably why facial wipes are so popular in skincare. In fact, the facial cleansing wipe

Headspace Meditation App for Mindfulness

Published on October 18, 2016 by

It’s been a fantastic few weeks. From viewing the breathtaking Antipodean scenery and lecturing in Zurich, to launching our new CoolSculpting treatment, life has been hectic.  

Exhilarating certainly, but still hectic. 

Unfortunately, when you’re travelling and busy, it’s very easy

Join Me for a CoolSculpting Open Evening

Published on October 3, 2016 by

Do you have fat you just can’t shift in your tummy area, love handles, inner or outer thighs? Do you wish your double chin or bingo wings would just disappear? Fed up with fat around your back, knees, bra and

Good Aesthetics vs. Great Aesthetics

Published on September 22, 2016 by

You may remember that a couple of weeks, ago, I wrote to you from New Zealand. Since I got back from the whirlwind 16-day trip, many patients have asked me about it… So today I thought I’d do something a

Whats better than Lipo?

Published on September 16, 2016 by

It’s hard for me to admit because I love it, but the end of summer can be a relief for lots of people. Brits love moaning about the rain, but lots of us aren’t too keen on the muggy weather