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MTV Valley’s star turns to Riverbanks to boost her modelling career

Published on March 24, 2014 by

Reality TV Star Anna Kelle Gets Sculpted

Cardiff, Wales / Harpenden, Herts. – X March, 2014– When one of the stars of MTV The Valleys’, Anna Kelle (aka AK), began turning down jobs because she couldn’t bear for anyone to see her in a swimsuit, she knew something had to be done. Despite exercising and eating healthily, 33 year-old Anna found that since undergoing a caesarean section five years ago, her stomach just wouldn’t return to its previous toned shape. Fed up with losing work and being uncomfortable taking her young son swimming, along with the added pressure of appearing on a cult reality television show, Anna contacted Dr Ravi Jain, Medical Director and founder of The Riverbanks Wellness, and booked in for the unique Vaser 4D procedure, a liposuction and body-sculpting treatment that can reshape the figure.

The Riverbanks Wellness ( based in London & Harpenden, is one of the few in the UK able to offer Vaser 4D Sculpt, a liposuction and body-sculpting treatment that reveals hidden muscle definition around the tummy, chest, upper arms, back and legs. Waistlines can be shaped to be hourglass, and stomachs, abs and breasts defined. Men can even have that elusive six-pack.

Former Royal Naval Communications Rating Anna, who lives in Cardiff, Wales, is now a photographer, fashion agent and star of the hit television series The Valleys, in which she is a mentor and boss to the younger cast members who wish to follow in her footsteps of making it in the world of glamour modelling. Anna says:

Prior to Vaser 4D, I was very unhappy with my stomach region. Since having my son by caesarean section, I hadn’t been able to shift the stubborn fat and was very aware of it. My confidence was affected; I felt very conscious on holiday, or when I went swimming with my son. I started declining swimwear photo-shoots, therefore losing out on work. Being on television and in an industry where I am working with models who have the ‘perfect body’ is very disheartening; you go to work feeling ok, and leave feeling deflated. I’ve always had a junk food habit, and my biggest vice is bread, however, being ex-forces, I have always exercised; fitness is a key part of my lifestyle. This upset me even more; I was toned everywhere else but, no matter what I did, my stomach was not playing ball!”

Vaser 4D Sculpt involves both liposuction, to remove excess fat, and sculpting, to bring definition. Liposuction removes fat from the deep and middle layers of fat, avoiding the superficial layers to preserve the sensitive blood and lymphatic vessels. Vaser’s unique probes protect these blood vessels and selectively treat only the fat that often hides muscular definition. Skilled surgeons can then use the tissues to sculpt the area to give a highly defined look. Vaser 4D Sculpt is carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation (it doesn’t need a general anaesthetic) and the recovery period is 7-10 days with post-op therapy sessions.

Mother-of-one Anna, who had the Vaser 4D treatment on her stomach, deltoids and outer and inner thighs, continues:

I looked into Vaser after seeing someone else who had it and researched very carefully. Dr Ravi Jain was highly recommended and had excellent feedback, which gave me the confidence to take the plunge and do it. I was very nervous about the procedure, but I needn’t have worried. Before I knew it, it was over. I saw results immediately; I made Dr Ravi Jain take a photo of me because I needed to see! It made me feel amazing. I had lost all my wobbly bits! Since having the op, I’m more aware of what I put in my stomach; I do try to eat clean as often as I can, and I train harder. It has changed my lifestyle for the better and made me want to keep improving. It helped with my confidence and made me happier; I would definitely recommend 4D Vaser to anyone!”

Dr. Jain comments that the results he sees from the Vaser 4D Sculpt are fantastic – which he can attest to, having had the procedure done on him. He says:

“Anna came to me because she had several ‘problem areas’ which she was unable to tone despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. We performed the 4D Vaser on Anna’s abdominal area, her flanks, inner thighs and deltoids for more definition. The procedure has been specially developed to create an athletic look in both men and women, allowing for natural looking results and the natural movement of muscle groups. Men tend to opt for a more ‘beefed-up’ look, whereas women usually ask for softer lines such as those achieved by Pilates and yoga.”

“The procedure isn’t suitable for everyone, such as those with poor skin tone, but we are always happy to advise patients on the best treatment options for them, to ensure they get the best results possible. No one should be able to guess that you’ve had surgery – they’ll think you’ve just worked out.”

For more information about Vaser 4D Sculpt or to make an appointment visit call 01582762877.

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