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Putting patients at ease

Published on April 23, 2015 by

Priti is based at the Riverbanks Wellness near Harpenden in Bedfordshire.   She is trained in many of the same therapies as the aestheticians – and some of the doctors’ treatments too.  This means that she has an in-depth understanding of all the main treatments, what they can do and the treatment process and aftercare.

Priti talks to patients from all around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, with many from nearby towns like Luton and St Albans, but many travel much further to get that special Riverbanks treatment!

She says “Patients are much more knowledgeable about the treatments these days. They’re usually very well informed – even before they book in.  Most of them know what to look for and understand the treatments better; 10-15  years ago, most people had very little idea about Botox and dermal fillers, they were the only for celebrities and the very rich.”

The most popular treatments for women are those for anti-aging.  “Women today don’t want to look any older than necessary.  Most people are fitter, healthier and want to look as good as they feel.”

Patients often have specific things that they don’t like, Priti has found that some people really don’t want Botox or dermal fillers, but there are always alternatives and they often find that laser skin rejuvenation and skin peels give them the results they want. 

Priti has been involved in the Riverbanks Harmony Consultation that creates a bespoke programme of treatment for each patient and the research that they carried out revealed that some people can take up to two years before getting the courage to pick up the phone and book their treatment.

“I think that for some people it’s a confidence issue, not just about how they look, but about whether people will think they are making a fuss about nothing.  However, some people don’t mind the lines that develop as they get older, but for others it really does make a difference to how they feel,” explains Priti.

The Clinic has been busy through half term as quite a few teachers book in to get rid of the frown lines that dealing with a classroom full of energetic kids can create!  “It’s when people start telling them that they always look cross that they realise it’s time to take action!  And we get men too, who ask us to treat the lines on their forehead or the two lines between their eyebrows.”

Priti finds it really rewarding when patients come back and tell her how much they like the results.  Most of them comment “I don’t know why I waited so long.”

There are two types of patient – those who don’t want anyone to know they’ve had any treatments and keep it a total secret, and those who tell everyone they meet!  Some of the female patients bring in their partners and although men do have facial treatments, including Botox, they’re more likely to want to get rid of acne scars and thread veins or to go for the body treatments like Vaser HD.

The last word: “It’s great that when a patient has been concerned that they come back to me afterwards and thank me for making it easy, so it didn’t seem to be such a big ordeal as they thought it would be.”

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