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Acne scars are not forever

Published on March 26, 2015 by

Acne scars can be on the face or body. Outbreaks often occur on or around the upper back and that means that swimwear and summer clothing expose the damage, even if your face doesn’t have scars. But you don’t have to live with this for the rest of your life.

Your local GP surgery won’t be able to help – acne scar removal is considered a ‘cosmetic treatment’, not essential to your health, even if it’s causing you to modify your lifestyle. However, there ARE successful treatments that can reduce or even remove scars, depending on how deep they are. Acne leaves two problems after the infection has cleared up:

  • Pigmentation where the skin has been discoloured by the damage
  • Scars, where there are actual pits in the skin’s surface

Both of these can be treated and at our Clinic near Harpenden we usually take a combination approach to get the best possible results. Each treatment does different things, putting the treatments together attacks the problem from several angles at once!

The core treatment is a light treatment, generally this is Omnilux, which is excellent for helping to remove marks, pigmentation and blemishes as well as acting as an antibiotic on the skin. Over the years we have helped dozens of acne sufferers with this treatment from all around the area, Luton in Bedfordshire, St Albans in Hertfordshire and many travel even further.

Alongside Omnilux we use a combination of microneedling with the Dermapen to stimulate your skin to generate new growth and smooth out the surface, with a skinbooster treatment to plump out the skin in the scarred area.

If you have a lot of pigmentation from your acne a skin peel is a really good option. A course of four peels using Trichloracetic Acid will remove all the surface cells and allow new skin to grow, which is much more even in both colour and texture. Alternatively, a depigmenting peel will really amaze you. There are a few days downtime as the skin peels, but then you’ll look in the mirror and look like someone has airbrushed you!

CO2RE laser skin resurfacing is another treatment that is highly effective in smoothing out scars. It works by removing tiny sections of the top layer of skin, uncovering fresh, smooth skin underneath. After a few weeks the new skin reshapes to eliminate the scars and over the next months the skin improves in quality.

Whilst one treatment won’t give you a magical makeover – a series of combined therapies can achieve much more than you might imagine. If your acne scars are making you self-conscious and affecting your life, why don’t you give us a ring on 01582 762877 and let’s discuss how we can help?

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