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Is acne destroying your confidence?

Published on March 23, 2015 by

With acne you can become the condition – people use it as an identifier. It’s not the way you want to be remembered.

The first line of defence for most GPs is to prescribe antibiotics, but the problem is that you’re likely to develop immunity to the medication if you take these for a long period of time. There are few options when your treatment is being provided on the NHS, but the good news is that there are other options.

In fact, there are several options to treat acne and the best results are usually seen when a combination of treatments are applied.

Skin peels

If you have active acne with the associated red spots a skin peel is an excellent first step. There are a variety of different skin peels that can be used – and your doctor will discuss these at your first consultation to ensure you get the best one for your particular situation.

Skin peels are based on acid and that cleans the skin surface, removing all the old skin cells and stripping away the surface layer where the infection spreads. When the skin has recovered the redness associated with acne has usually reduced as a skin peel has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Salicylic or glycolic peels are both effective in the treatment of active acne.

LED light

There are different light treatments including Omnilux, which treats your skin with all three wavelengths, red, white and blue.

The blue light kills bacteria, effectively acting as an antibiotic on the skin

The red light heals the skin’s surface

The white light works deeper healing at the lower layers of the dermis

Phototherapy is also very effective in reducing the redness that is typical of the acne rash.


Sometimes this special laser treatment is applied prior to skin peels or light treatment to ensure the skin is completely ready and in its most receptive state.

Intense Pulsed Light

This is an excellent treatment to reduce redness.


This is a multiple approach in one. It includes lymphatic drainage to ensure your body’s natural waste-disposal system is working efficiently, a peel, and then an LED light treatment. This gives the skin a great clear out and prepares it for healing.

Our doctor may prescribe isotretinoin cream for you to use between treatments to help your skin to recover and heal. This is a prescription only skin care treatment that is very effective in helping acne sufferers.

So there are many ways to get rid of acne – without resorting to long term antibiotic treatment – all you have to do is let us help. The first step is to talk to us about your particular condition, you’ll find our team are friendly, sympathetic and will help you get your confidence back. Just give us a call on 01582 762877.

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