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Vaser Treatment Videos

Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo in the UK

VASER Lipo to Abdomen – pinch test

Vaser Lipo

Demonstrating how Vaser Dissolves Fat


Vaser 4D

What’s the difference between
Vaser 4D and Vaser LIPO

How quickly will I see results after
Vaser 4D and Vaser Hi Def

Vaser 4D Sculpt Patient Testimonial

Vaser 4D Sculpt Fat Removal

Vaser 4D Post Op Aftercare


Male Breast Reduction

Patient testimonial

Pinch thickness

Before & After VASER

Procedure highlights

Dr Jain performs a live treatment

Patient Experiences


In the Media

Sky Living

London TV

MTV – Get Thin or Die Tryin

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