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Cosmetic Patient Testimonials

We really do appreciate it when our patients take the time to write to us with their thoughts on our service. Recently, a top UK Beauty journalist wrote about the treatments Dr Ravi Jain did for her in London. You can read that blog here.

Here are some of the genuine feedback we’ve received from satisfied customers.

“…how wonderful your staff are from the moment you walk through the door at the Riverbanks Wellness® and really staff does not seem the right word, really it should be stars and actually their star quality starts before you come through the door, it starts from the moment you make the first phone call! Justin and Marion set the standard from the start and are a true enhancement to your clinic. Unfortunately we live in a world that is very quick to complain and not quick enough to praise or applaud when something is deserving of that praise or applause, I am not like that. Your “front of house” people do you proud Dr Jain and I am sure that I am not alone in feeling this way.”
NW, Herts
“The results are amazing! I found it very difficult to find a place to do the kind of specific surgery I wanted done – and as such I didn’t really have high hopes that I would be able to get the kind of outcome I wanted. But credit to Mr Mouallem, he did a fantastic job! ”
PG, Luton
“We are in Spain at the moment (1 week after the Vaser Lipo) with friends. As soon as we met, I was asked if I had lost weight! This morning, both my husband and I were laughing as I seem to be getting trimmer every day – people will wonder what is going on! Healing is going really well and I am so glad I had the procedure.”
BG, Luton
“Just wanted to tell you that my skin is LOVING the new Priori products already!”
KM, Nazeing

“For many years I had suffered with bad headaches, sore jaw ,stiff neck and disrupted sleep as a result of teeth clenching.  My first port of call was to speak to my dentist who fitted me with a mouth guard, but because my mouth/jaw was so sore I could not use it.  After a consultation with Dr Jain he suggested Botox which I tried and have to say the results are fantastic! All my symptoms have disappeared and my quality of sleep has improved immensely. Thank-you Dr Jain”
BH, Harpenden
“Six months after my first dermaroller treatment, I noticed the initial results. I was putting on my makeup and it just glided on like a foundation advert! I looked younger, healthier, smoother I could go on! So many people have said wow, you look fantastic, what have you been doing. Iam so pleased I had this done, six months is no time at all to wait for such fabulous results, thanks Dr J!”
HW, Welwyn
“I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with the results so far. For the first time in my life I am happy with the size of my bottom. The Vaser Lipo really does work!”
MT, London
“I just wanted to let you know that 3 weeks after Vaser I can now fit comfortably into my new size 12 trousers! I’m so happy! Thank you so much”
OH, Luton
“I looked at some form of liposuction because despite training hard at the gym for several years I still couldn’t lose the fat around my lower stomach and love handles. I really wanted to see some muscle definition. I researched the internet and decided upon Vaser Lipo. After visiting 3 other clinics, I was very impressed by the overall Riverbanks experience right on arrival. The warm friendly staff put me at ease immediately, and Dr Ravi’s relaxed and honest discussion helped me make up my mind there and then. The procedure itself was simple and straight forward with only a small amount of discomfort at the beginning. The rest of it was painless. My recovery was quick and I was back at work after 2 days and back exercising after two weeks as instructed. Within 3 weeks I saw my muscle definition appearing and now after 3 months of exercising (less than I used to) I have the definition and shape I’ve always wanted. I am very happy with the whole experience and results and would be more than happy to recommend you!”
Neville, Birmingham
“I selected Vaser Lipo as i had read that it was less painfull than other methods and it recovery was much sooner. I researched a few different clinics carrying out this procedure but felt Riverbanks offered much more in terms of a personal service rather than just another patient through the door. When meeting Ravi i felt my selection was justified and have been happy with the results ever since. Even after the procedure Ravi has kept in touch to review my progress which confirmed my initial thoughts of a much more personal service. In addition to that his staff make you feel very welcome and at ease from start to finish. Thanks again”
Paul, Yorkshire
“Thank you so much for my AMAZING Vaser Lipo treatment. I’m chuffed with the results as my trousers now fit me!”
LS, Somerset
“The whole experience at your amazing clinic was a very relaxing and pleasurable one. The results from the Vaser Lipo treatment are just what I was hoping for and the support from you and your team was fantastic!”
AP, Essex
“Whilst a fairly invasive treatment, Smartxide is definitely worth it! After a few days of flakiness, my skin was tighter and more radient and the fine lines had visibly faded. This improvement has continued to develop over the last few months and I am very pleased with the result!”
Sarah, Bedfordshire
“I have never had good skin and for the first time in my life I am being asked what I use. Smartxide DOT therapy has given me great results, well worth the few days down time.”
Anne, Hertfordshire
“I found out about Vaser lipo on the internet, I spent a lot of time researching and visiting various clinics. I chose the Riverbanks above all others after meeting Dr Ravi Jain. I found him to be professional, understanding and most of all honest. I found with the various other clinics I visited that they tried to sell me as many procedures as possible, I found that Dr Jain was more honest and realistic with the potential results, and advised me to go ahead with only what I needed. In conclusion from start to finish I was happy and comfortable with the Riverbanks Wellness® and the great bunch that made me so welcome. I could not be happier with my results, its not just how I look but how it’s made me feel. Thank you all so much.”
Leoni, Warwickshire
“My consultation was very realistic and honest about my results and had more experince with Vaser Lipo than most clinics I attended.”
Janet, Oxford
“I chose Vaser lipo purely for the fact that the pain was minimal. I went to visit Dr Jain, and was so impressed with all the staff there that I didn’t hesitate to pay for the treatment. I felt very comfortable during my treatment, and I always feel welcome when I go for my follow up consultations. The results have made me feel more comfortable with my body; however I think I will need some minor corrections. This does not bother me as I know that Doctor Jain will give me the best advice. I would like to thank Doctor Jain and his team for all the support during and after my treatment, and would have no problem recommending Riverbanks Wellness®.”
Sanjiv, St Albans
“My consultation was very realistic and honest about my results and had more experince with Vaser Lipo than most clinics I attended.”
Janet, Oxford
“I’ve just begun to visit Riverbanks and it’s like visiting old friends. I know that I’m in for a great welcome, a sparklingly clean clinic, professional staff who listen to me, provide advice on treatments and who will give me time to think about that advice. Then when my treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) began I felt utterly comfortable, both physically and mentally. After the first appointment all I wanted to do was to book a date for the next one”
Steven Davis, Herts
“I chose Vaser at Riverbanks because the lady who took my phone call was very helpful friendly and informative. She made sure if she didn’t know the answer she found out from someone who did, she was also interested in what I was trying to obtain for me and how the Vaser Lipo treatment would be applicable to me, rather than reciting from a fact sheet. The other factor was the cost Riverbanks offered a competitive price structure, and Dr Jain was happy to talk to me over the phone before I travelled the 3.5 Hours that it takes me to get to Harpenden this made a huge difference.”
Fiona, Bristol
“Wanted to treat area that had not been impacted despite years of training. Didn’t want surgery so went to Riverbanks Open Evening where Vaser Lipo was discussed. Happy to follow that route and very pleased with the outcome.”
Lydia, Luton
“I had been considering Liposuction in order to remove some stubborn fat around my waist that my exercise and diet regime was unable to shift. Fortunately, I heard about Vaser Lipo and did some research on the internet and then decided to contact the Riverbanks Wellness® to get more information. Dr Jain fully explained the procedure to me during my initial consultation, answered all my questions and made me feel very reassured. He and his staff then went on to provide an outstanding level of treatment and care. I now have a very flat stomach and my continued exercising has meant that the results have continued to improve and are better than I ever expected”
Edward, Herts
“I had contemplated having Liposuction on my outer thighs and waist as I’d always been unhappy with this area & regular exercise didn’t help. I looked up Liposuction on the web but I was worried about the recovery time & pain involved, this outweighed the benefits for me as I have 3 small children & couldn’t contemplate bed rest following the procedure. Then I saw some websites on Vaser & was really impressed. For me, Riverbanks was not only local, but it had won Aesthetic Medicine awards so I knew it was reputable clinic. The Website was informative & Dr Ravi Jain was very helpful when I emailed him some questions. When I visited Riverbanks I saw first hand what a lovely, professional clinic it was. I really felt that I was in safe hands with the Nurse & Dr Jain who both made me feel totally at ease during the procedure. After the procedure I could see the results immediately and they just kept getting better. All of my family and friends have commented on how slim I’m looking!”
Maria, St Albans
“I am extremely happy with the results of my Macrolane Breast Enhancment. The whole experience at Riverbanks was good…I’ll definitely be coming back for further treatments.!”
Jo, Essex
“This was my first experience of any cosmetic procedure at all and so naturally I was nervous .From my initial phone call , through to my initial assessment, procedure and aftercare, the Riverbanks team were fantastic and I felt totally at ease and confident in their hands. I also liked the fact that during my initial consultation, I felt under no pressure to go ahead with the procedure and in fact you made sure that  I took time to consider all the risks and alternatives before booking my procedure. The surgeon who carried out the procedure itself  was fantastic, she really cares about her patients and took her time to make sure I was relaxed and comfortable throughout and, because you are only under local anaesthetic, we were able to work together to get exactly the result I was after. I am so pleased with the results of my Macrolane breast enhancement. It has achieved exactly what I had hoped which was to restore the volume in my breasts and increase the cup size in a subtle way and the results look totally natural. I now feel so much more confident and the chicken fillets have been thrown away! I am so pleased I chose the Riverbanks Wellness® and would highly recommend them.”
Elizabeth, London
“Thank you very much for the lips…. they are fab!”
Michelle, Herts
“I chose to have Smartxide treatments becasue I have scarring on my face. It has improved my complexion and tightened my skin so much. Dr Jain and his staff are very nice and attentive.” Victoria J, Herts
“2 months after Smartxide, I noticed my skin felt bouncy & there seemed to be slight plumping in the cheeks. My skin also looks smoother and my daughters have noticed!”
Rita, Hertfordshire
“I have always hated my thighs, especially even after losing a lot of weight, my thighs were still large. I was recommend to Riverbanks Wellness® by a friend, and I discovered Vaser Lipo. After my procedure, I was back at work the next day despite having a litre of fat removed from each thigh! I can now see my knees again! Thank you so much for adding the finishing touches to my long journey to achieving my goal”
Suzie, Luton
“Sculptra is soooo fantastic! A must for any woman who wants to look fabulous. It has given me the lift and volume and restored my confidence. The results are amazing”
Suzanne T, Bedfordshire
“Having lost 6 stone in weight I still couldn’t lose any more fat from my thighs. Straight after the Vaser Lipo, I could see my knees for the first time in many years! I was back at work the next morning and have lost 2 inches from my thighs!”
SA, Dunstable
“Thank you so much for my amazing Vaser Lipo treatment, I’m chuffed with the results!”
Lucy S, Somerset
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Nefertiti Lift with Botox – it’s worked fantastically well and I’m over the moon!”
Amanda H, London
“Congratulations on winning these prestigious awards – well deserved. I was always confident that I was in good hands, but now doubly confident.!”
Delene A, Woburn
“It was great to meet you the other day and thank you so much for the Botox treatment – it is looking really good and I look a lot less tired!”
Paula B, Marlow
“The operation (Smartlipo) was a success and I cannot believe the difference you have made. Many, many thanks!”
Lesley E, Derby
“My hands look at least 10 years younger! They remind me of what they used to look like 10 years ago. Thank you!”
Linda R, St Albans
“My acne has improved so much since using the Vitage & Omnilux programme devised by you. Thank you so much. My best friend cannot believe the difference – so I gave her your card!”
Amy C, Luton
“Before visiting Riverbanks I was always afraid of the pain with laser hair removal and waxing, but I can truly say that Dr Jain’s new laser is really painless. After just one session I haven’t had to shave my legs for a week now. This really does work.”
Rosalind J, London
“The aesthetician gave me an Omnilux light treatment recently and, despite the fact that I am particularly light sensitive, she was brilliant. She explained it all, literally held my hand for a while (and gave me a relaxing hand massage) and reassured me right through it.  The results were amazing – the red angry looking eczema on my face had calmed down and in just 20 minutes my face looked totally different.”
Lesley M, Essex
I was feeling a bit poorly the day I visited Riverbanks for my makeover, but I felt like a million dollars once Emma had worked her magic.  If only Emma could come to my house every morning to apply it all!”
Kelly M, Essex
“I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the results of my SmartLipo treatment and also the first two Accent radiofrequency treatments. Can’t wait to see the final results next month! Thank you!”
Nick B, London
“I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with my recent treatment at your new clinic. It is a lovely environment, without being too ‘clinical’. Your staff are warm and friendly, without exception. I am only half-way through my treatment, but am already seeing results and have had several comments from friends.”
Rita H, Hertfordshire
“I am very happy with the results of my Macrolane Breast Enhancement…I can’t believe how natural my breasts look & feel …..I have a new boyfriend now and he hasn’t guessed I’ve had treatment. Thank you so much.”
Becky, Cheshire
“I find Riverbanks Wellness® is in lovely surroundings with extremely friendly staff. The clinic is easy to find and easy to park at, Its large choice of treatments and helpful advice all add up to help make it a pleasurable experience. Dr Ravi is charismatic and makes me feel at ease and very comfortable both to talk about and receive treatments. Although some distance from where I live I will continue to attend for all my skin treatments.”
Yvonne M, Bedfordshire
“I have been attending Dr Ravi Jain’s clinic since July 08 and have been under the close eye and care of one of his excellent medical aestheticians. After spending years having facials and treatments in attempts to improve the appearance and condition of my skin I am amazed at the results I’m now seeing. The treatments are very well explained and love the fact that we are using the most natural of products including the Youngblood make up.The options and treatments that Dr Ravi Jain offers are vast. I always feel well informed not only from being able to talk freely with Dr Ravi and his staff but also from reading the monthly news letters.The Riverbanks Wellness® is situated in such a lovely old building that has been transformed into a fabulous  modern clinic that feels more like a home. The staff are friendly and welcoming, I find my self arriving early for a chat before my treatment. I am happy to refer friends even thought most of them know of Dr Ravi Jain’s work already; he seems to be one of Hertfordshire’s best kept secrets!”
Rebecca J, Wheathampsted
“What an improvement! I really can’t believe the difference … and it’s me!”
Leanne B, Essex
“I’m so glad I took the decision to go to Dr Jain. What a fantastic relief to enter a UK doctor’s surgery and not feel that we were watching the clock from the outset of the consultation. Dr. Jain is a listener. And an expert practitioner. If you get frustrated with the way things are, and you need a top doctor quickly – give him a call.”
Mr DJ, Kimpton
“Just a quick email to keep you updated on the result of the latest treatment, it really does look very good and I am super happy. The result this time seems even better than last. All in all a great success and most importantly, I feel good with it.”
“I have been attending Riverbanks Wellness® on a regular basis for cosmetic treatments. Before attending my first consultation, I admit I was feeling a little apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. Dr Jain and his very helpful colleagues immediately made me feel very relaxed and answered my queries regarding my chosen treatment. I actually had the treatment there and then. I will continue to attend as I am 100% happy with the excellent service that I have received.”
Ms Vera C, Bedfordshire
“The next time I need Botox, or any other facial treatment I will definitely be going back to Dr Ravi Jain who is an experienced and competent practitioner. He is very knowledgeable in the subject and willing to listen to and answer relevant questions. I know I will be in good hands.”
Mrs Gaynor T, Luton
“The treatment lasted about a year and only now after 14 months can I see that it has almost disappeared. I would definitely consider having it done again and have recommended the treatment to friends.”
Sue H, Luton
“Very happy with lip treatment which lasted well. I Think I am due for another treatment, may have a bit more put in this time. I especially like the outline shape of top lip. The swelling only lasted one day which was very surprising!”
Miss Kelly W, Beds