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Arm Treatments London

Do your arms pass the ‘hi there’ test?

When you see someone you haven’t seen for ages on the other side of the room, do you think before you reach up and wave at them?  If you’re wearing a sleeveless top, do you keep your arms well down to hide that annoying ‘bingo-wings’ effect where your underarms are nowhere near as toned and taut as you’d like?

If this sounds familiar then you have three options:

  • Wear long sleeves, a cardigan or wrap at all times.
  • Fix it with a brachioplasty – that’s the technical term for an arm-lift.
  • Book in for a Vaser Lipo arm lift and be back at work in a couple of days.

A brachioplasty will require you to check into a hospital, undergo a general anaesthetic and will leave a long scar underneath each arm.  Are you reaching for a cardigan or wrap and deciding you’ll just have to live with it?

Vaser Lipo is a more convenient solution – no hospital, no general anaesthetic and tiny scars that are virtually invisible.  The procedure will take about an hour, uses local anaesthetic and allows you to carry on with your normal everyday life in a day or two.

The results are apparent in just a few weeks and you won’t have to experience the heavy bruising and recovery period that usually result from more invasive surgery.

The Vaser Lipo arm lift is revolutionary – and in a matter of weeks you’ll be able to bare your arms in strappy tops and dresses, not to mention swimwear, with confidence.


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Treatment FAQS

How does it work?

The first step is a consultation to discuss what you’d like to achieve and for our expert VASER surgeons to take a full medical history from you, then examine your skin elasticity, fatty content and muscle tone.  If suitable for VASER, then the actual procedure is very straightforward:

  • A local anaesthetic is administered so you’ll experience minimal discomfort – and no pain, thanks to our expert anaesthetists who will provide you with twilight sedation.
  • A tiny incision is made and the fat is treated with the VASER to liquefy it.
  • The fat is then aspirated – that means suction is used to remove it.
  • You’ll have a small dressing for 24 hours and will need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks, to ensure that your skin doesn’t have any ‘drag’ on it whilst the healing process takes place.

You can go right back to work after a couple of days, so nobody need know a thing about it, they’ll just notice your confidence boost and you’ll get lots of great compliments about how good you look (although they won’t be able to put their finger on what has changed)!

If you’re keeping your upper arms under wraps – now’s the time to break out and gain the confidence to wave at your friends, reach for the top shelf and wear all those lovely summer clothes you’ve been avoiding!

Consultations are available with international Vaser expert Dr Ravi Jain at Riverbanks Wellness®. All it takes is one phone call – to Riverbanks Wellness® on 01582 762877