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Colombian Butt Lift London

Give your buttocks – and confidence – a lift!

Whether through age, drastic weight loss or simply a natural lack of volume in the buttocks, our butts can become flat and not as pert as we would like them to be.

In magazines we see images of the ‘perfect’ bottom of celebrities like Beyonce and Jenifer Lopez, but if nature hasn’t given you that shape and your flat buttocks do nothing for your confidence, there’s hope.  You can get the perfect rear with a Columbian Butt Lift at Riverbanks Wellness®.

What does a butt lift involve?

In the past, butt lifts were performed using implants – but this would leave you with a firm behind and surgical scarring.  Today Vaser 4D Sculpt uses only your own fatty tissue to shape the beautiful bottom you desire, with natural-looking results.

Vaser 4D removes fat from places where you don’t want it and puts it in your buttock muscles as well as the fatty layers to give it greater volume and definition.   As the procedure uses your own body fat to shape your buttocks, there are no foreign substances that your body may reject and a high success rate.

It won’t just be your buttocks that get a lift – your confidence will get a boost, too!

The down time is minimal, so you’ll be wearing those tight-fitting jeans and feeling more confident in your swimwear in no time. Your consultant will talk you through every step of the procedure and answer any questions you may have so that you are fully informed of what can be expects, and to ensure your experience at Riverbanks Wellness® is as smooth and stress free as possible.

If you want a shapely derrière that you can be proud of, talk to the experts at Riverbanks Wellness® on 01582 762 877 and get the beautiful butt you want.