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Tummy Tuck London

Forget the flab – get a fabulous figure!

If you’ve experienced dramatic or fluctuating weight loss or have had your stomach stretched through pregnancy, you may find that you’ve got loose skin around your tummy.

It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you do or how much exercise you try to tighten up your abdomen, your skin simply won’t snap back into place to give you the flat tummy you want.

If you find you:

  • Cover up your body in baggy clothing
  • Don’t have the confidence to wear your swimwear
  • Are embarrassed about how you look in your underwear
  • Have become disheartened when exercise hasn’t helped …

…then a tummy tuck might be what you need.

Surgically known as abdominoplasty, this surgical procedure will firm up your abdominal muscles and tighten up sagging excess fat and skin.  The procedure is not an answer for weight control – but will restore your body shape and repair muscles resulting from major weight loss, aging and pregnancy.

The result is a flatter tummy, increased self-confidence and a body you can be proud of.

What is involved in the tummy tuck procedure?

Step one is a consultation so the plastic surgeon can take a look at your situation and assess your suitability for the procedure. You will have ample opportunity to discuss your goals and questions. A full price will be given to you at your visit. Then you will then be advised to take your time to think about the procedure carefully before making a decision.

The procedure itself involves an incision made across the lower abdomen from hip to hip and, for more extensive procedures, around the belly button.

The muscles behind the skin are then tightened before the skin is pulled down, the belly button repositioned and the skin re-attached along the incision line.  Any excess sagging skin is removed.  You’ll have a flatter, smoother tummy and improved waist definition.


How long will the procedure take?

The procedure can take from 1-5 hours with an overnight stay in comfortable surroundings at one of our partner hospitals. You will have to refrain from heavy activity following your procedure and may need 1-4 weeks recovery time with some of this off work.  At Riverbanks Wellness® you will be treated with the utmost care and attention throughout your experience. Your comfort is of the highest priority.


What do I do now?

If the way you look is affecting your confidence talk to the team at Riverbanks Wellness® now on 01582 762 877.