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Vaser Liposelection London

What is VASER Lipo?


Ever wanted that Slim look?

With VASER you can. You may have dieted to rid yourself of the fatty deposits that have settled, but can’t shift them. Your body may be responding to gravity more readily than it used to. Your body shape is more bumps than curves and clothes don’t fit the way they did. All these are fixable – and you don’t need to go into hospital, suffer from the pain and associated risks of other forms of liposuction surgery, or to be off work for weeks while you recuperate.

VASER Lipo is straightforward, doesn’t require a hospital stay, the bruising & discomfort are minimal. You’ll be back at work almost right away and getting on with your life – it’s just that you’ll look so much better while you’re doing it.

You can have VASER Lipo treatment on just about any part of the body – in fact, anywhere that you have fat deposits. It’s equally effective on men and women and it’s safe using a gentle ultrasound process that targets the fat whilst protecting the surrounding tissues. VASER Lipo is the modern way to reshape your body – and you’ll discover that it will reshape your life too. You’ll be able to wear those figure hugging and body revealing clothes without a second thought, you’ll get lots of compliments and your confidence will soar!


8 reasons to choose Riverbanks for your VASER

  1. Dr Ravi Jain is the only UK doctor to hold all 4 levels of training in VASER Lipo
  2. No need to go into London – our luxury clinic is 10 mins from the M1 with ample free parking
  3. Consultant Anaesthetists will provide you a pain-free procedure using intravenous sedation
  4. Thanks to our VASER 4D Sculpting skills, all of our regular VASER Lipo patients get VASER Mid-def at our standard Vaser prices!
  5. Your package prices will include 2 sets of aftercare garments and padded vests when necessary.
  6. After your initial consultation with Dr Jain there are no further consultation fees.
  7. The Riverbanks team takes pride in providing you with correct medical advice, ethical practice and high standards of care.
  8. Our revision rate is one of the lowest in the world.


Before & After Pictures

Female tummy reduction with Vaser Lipo
Male Breast reduction with Vaser
Vaser lipo to thighs


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