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Dermal Fillers Harpenden

As you get older you tend to lose the volume in your skin, lines appear and deepen and it all adds to show the passing years.  Dermal fillers replace the collagen in your skin restoring that natural shape to your face and filling out the lines so you have a much more youthful look.

Dermal fillers are effective in:

  • Removing the tiny lines that develop along your lips
  • Reducing the nose to mouth lines to soften your expression
  • Lifting that crease in your chin to create a less severe look
  • Defining your cheeks to remove hollows and give you a fresh, youthful appearance
  • Ironing out the laughter lines or ‘crow’s feet’ around your eyes
  • Creating a smooth forehead by filling the lines both horizontally and those vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows.
  • Restoring the natural shape of your hands so they look youthful
  • Filling the wrinkles on your neck to let you wear pretty necklaces and lower necklines without self-consciousness
  • Removing that papery décolletage and giving you a smooth cleavage so you can wear low cut party frocks and swimwear.

If you have any other indentations on your body dermal fillers can be an excellent way to restore a smooth, unblemished skin.


Will it hurt?
There is a local anaesthetic mixed into the filler so, apart from the initial pin-prick from a very fine needle, you should find it comfortable.  If the filler is place deeper the application is usually painless, but some patients have a dull ache for a few days after the treatment.  This is easily addressed with your normal painkiller.

Is it safe?
At Riverbanks we use the best and safest available – Restylane and Emervel.  These are both semi-permanent, simply because we are yet to be convinced that permanent dermal fillers are really safe.

How do dermal fillers work?
Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and this replaces your natural collagen to plump up the appearance of your skin, filling out lines and hollows to give you a smooth, fresh skin.

Hyaluronic acid also improves the elasticity in your skin, giving you better skin tone – in effect a non-surgical face-lift.

What results can I expect?
The results are very natural and there’s no danger of looking like one of those dolls with a fixed expression.  The fillers restore your skin to how it was before the lines and wrinkles started to appear – so you still look like you – but better!

What are the risks?
Dermal fillers include gels, which can cause blockages if they are injected into your blood vessels.  However, this is extremely rare with a skilled medical professional – and, should it happen, your doctor will have the knowledge to take appropriate action to treat this.  This is one reason that you should ensure you are only treated by a qualified doctor.

What are the after effects?
Post treatment you may experience minor bruising and some tenderness in the area.  You may find your skin is a little red where the injections have been applied.  All this will subside over a few days.  In some rare cases your bruising may take a longer time to heal, swelling may occur and in very rare situations you may experience an allergic reaction.  However, you will be given advice on what to expect and when to contact the Clinic during your treatment.

How much is the treatment?
It depends on where you want the treatment and how many areas are to be treated.  It starts from £360.

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