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Dermatology London

Riverbanks Wellness® has a fully equipped minor surgery facility where procedures for the removal of skin tags and blood spots, wart removal, benign mole removal, removal of cysts and treatment of milia can be performed.

There are several different ways that skin lesions, skin tags and warts can be removed.  Warts and skin tags often respond to the use of liquid nitrogen (deep freeze) called cryotherapy or through accurate use of a cauterising device.

Moles and some skin tags can be shaved off or cut out (excised).  Prior to any shave or excision procedure you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area so that you cannot feel the any pain and to provide you with the minimal discomfort.

After the procedure you will be given aftercare and wound care advice and a follow up appointment will be arranged as necessary.

Find below the most common skin disorders that can be treated at Riverbanks Wellness®.