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Viral Warts London

VIRAL WARTS (verrucae) are small, non-cancerous growths within the skin caused by the human papilloma virus. They can be painful if over weight bearing areas and are often cosmetically unacceptable.

What treatment is needed to remove Warts?

• None!   As warts are a viral infection, they will be removed by the body’s own immune system eventually, although as one ages the immune system often loses its ability to do this.

  • Painting the wart with a preparation bought from the chemist can work, especially if covered with duct tape and continued for at least 3months. Persistence pays!
  • Freezing them off with cryotherapy (see below).
  • Burning , scrapping, cutting or lasering  them off under local anaesthetic.

Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen Treatment)

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold. It will freeze any living tissue it comes into contact with. Applying small amounts of liquid nitrogen to various skin problems is now a standard treatment.

What can it treat?

Warts, veruccae, skin tags, small fleshy growths and similar small ‘lumps and bumps’ on the skin are ideal for liquid nitrogen treatment.

Is it painful?

Applications usually last about 10-30 seconds. Try holding a cube of ice against your skin for 10-30 seconds. It is uncomfortable but usually not too painful. Liquid nitrogen applied to skin is similar but colder and most people find the discomfort quite bearable.

What can I expect?

After a treatment the lump, wart or whatever is being treated will gradually discolour and fall off or shrivel up. The surrounding skin will sometimes become red and swollen and be sore for a day or so. It is similar to a mild burn. Occasionally a blister (sometimes a ‘blood blister’) forms. If this happens it is best left to resolve spontaneously. The cosmetic result is usually good.

Does it always work?

Around 80% of lesions will clear after one treatment. Sometimes thicker warts or veruccae need two or more sessions of liquid nitrogen treatment over a period of a few weeks to get to the root. Compared to other treatments most people find liquid nitrogen the most effective and the least time consuming way of removing these skin blemishes.

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