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Surgical Brow Lift London

Creating a younger, brighter look

If you’re wondering whether you need a surgical brow lift, let’s start by asking a few questions.

  • Do you feel as though your eyebrows have ‘settled’ and that your eyes are beginning to look more hooded?
  • Have you developed a droop at the outer edge of your eyes that gives you a tired or sad look?
  • Do your eyelids look as though there is excess skin and your brows overshadow your eyes?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may find that a surgical brow lift will provide you with a long term solution.

Riverbanks is now able to offer a surgical solution to drooping eyebrows to give you a younger, brighter look.  A surgical brow lift will:

  • Lift the brows to give the eyes a wider and more youthful appearance.
  • Smooth out wrinkles in the forehead to reduce the ageing effect.
  • Create a pleasing symmetry in the forehead and brows to give you a natural expression.

This is done under a general anaesthetic and the operation typically takes between one and two hours and involves the use of a tiny camera (endoscope) to identify where the muscles need to be tightened.

Some swelling will follow the operation and recovery is likely to take a week or two before you will be able to return to work.

The first step to taking years off your age is a discussion with the Riverbanks consultant.  Call us on 01582 762 877 to make an appointment.