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Tear Troughs London

The Naso-jugal groove (to give it is medical term) or the Tear Trough can be inherited through family genes, or can be as a consequence of the ageing process and sun damage which give rise to a loss of fatty tissue below the eye socket.

This fatty tissue usually provides support for the overlying structures such as muscle, vessels and skin, and so when it naturally fades away, a groove develops which gives the impression of dark circles and tired eyes.

In instances it is possible to fill the groove with dermal filler injections such as Restylane Perlane Lidocaine which includes a local anaesthetic which makes the procedure quite painless (much to many patients surprise). Results are usually instant and a small top up may  be required a couple of weeks later to achieve best results. The main risks of the procedure include some temporary swelling (24-48 hours) and also bruising as with all injectables.

Before treatment, you will have a detailed examination our doctors, in order to identify the true cause of these grooves, so that a suitable and appropriate treatment can be recommended.

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