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Nose Fillers London

General Nose, Mouth and Chin Complaints

As we age, and our cheeks lose their support infrastructure, peripheral lines, such as those between our nose and mouth (nasolabial folds), become more pronounced.

Some of the resulting lines and creases are due to the skin itself becoming weakened. In particular, smoking effects this part of the face and whilst it is commonly thought that the creases around the mouth are caused by the ‘pursing’ of the cigarette to mouth action, this isn’t true – in fact, it is the smoke itself that causes free radicals that weaken the skin.

Lines around the mouth can dramatically age you, as can lips that appear to narrow as you get older. Lipstick ‘leaks’ and other giveaways such as the loss of lip finish are common problems that are surprisingly easy to augment.

Once you have boosted the skin and volume around your mouth, why don’t you brighten your new smile with some teeth whitening by our expert cosmetic dentist?


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