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Forehead Treatments London

It is a common misconception that all forehead lines and wrinkles are caused by facial movement. While it’s true that facial expressions do have a longer term effect on wrinkles and creases, the lines wouldn’t be there if the skin wasn’t damaged in the first place (think about it, children move their face muscles all day long and don’t get lines or wrinkles).

Common Problems:

Permanent Creases
Dermal fillers
Medical Microdermabrasion
Advanced L.A. peels
Laser Skin Resurfacing

Excessive wrinkles / frowns

Uneven pigmentation
Advanced L.A. peels
Intense Pulsed Light
Idebenone Superceuticals
Laser Skin Resurfacing

Priori Skin Perfection Gel
Omnilux Medical Light Therapy
Advanced L.A. Skin Peels
Vitage Skin Care

Acne Scars
Dermal fillers
Laser Skin Resurfacing

Factors such as sun exposure weaken our skin over time, by damaging our collagen and elastin matrix. Collagen, the protein that makes up 80% of our skin, contains elastin fibres, which give skin the ability to stretch and recoil, thereby maintaining their shape.

Smoking is almost as big a culprit as UV damage because the smoke itself causes free radicals that stress our skin and, in time, give way to wrinkles.

Forehead lines and frown lines can both be significantly reduced to create a more youthful, fresh-faced appearance.


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