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Forehead Lines London

There are two types of lines commonly present on the forehead: those that only appear with expression (dynamic), and those that are present all the time (static). As we’ve already said, in time, if our skin is weakened, the dynamic lines become permanent. We can help eliminate, or significantly reduce, both.

Forehead lines are best treated with muscle-relaxing injections such as botox.

By reducing the strength of the wrinkles caused by expression, your static lines gradually fade over time; the weaker your expression, the faster your static lines fade. Achieving the desired affect is a subtle balancing act, which we discuss in full at consultation stage.

Static Forehead lines can also be treated with dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvéderm® Ultra. The effects last between 6-9 months on average, the benefit of this treatment being immediately noticeable effects.

For optimum results it is possible to combine both botox & dermal filler treatments, for immediate crease-correction and longer-term effect.

When treating the female forehead, we often recommend an eyebrow treatment at the same time (this being an ideal opportunity to achieve and maintain a more feminine arched brow appearance).


Before & After Pictures

Before Botox

After Botox