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Hair Loss Treatments in Harpenden

Riverbanks Wellness is a multi-award winning Hair Restoration clinic specialising in PRP and Mesotherapy to restore hair loss and hair thinning. We are based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire serving the surrounding communities.

The majority of men are affected by premature hair loss, commonly caused by an irreversible inherited condition known as male pattern baldness (MPB). Typically with this condition, hair is lost gradually from the top of the head but continues to grow at the back and sides. Generally, men accept the condition with varying degrees of resignation, but increasing numbers have decided to take action – not surprisingly given the vital importance of one’s personal appearance in today’s work and social situations.

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Treatment FAQS

How can we solve hair loss at Riverbanks?

We carefully assess your hair loss with a personal consultation in either London or Hertfordshire. If you have your mind set on a medical procedure and wish to avoid surgical solutions such as hair transplant with graft and FUE or other surgical techniques, then we can offer you a variety of effective treatments. We use a combination of micro needling with PRP (your own pure plasma) or mesotherapy. These are delivered comfortably using local anaesthetic with super fine needles. Usually between 2 and 3 treatments are required for PRP with single maintenance treatments required annually.

How much will this cost?

Non-surgical treatments for hair loss cost much less than hair transplants. Typically an initial course of 2 treatments is around the £1200 region, but this will be discussed in detail with you at your consultation with one of our doctors.

What do I do next?

Most patients approach hair restoration with understandable nervousness and have many questions. The team at Riverbanks Wellness® believe it is essential that you understand what is entailed before, during and after hair loss treatment and that from your consultation onwards; you will pursue this option with a feeling of reassurance and confidence.

If you would like to book a consultation with one of our hair loss consultants please call 0158 276 2877