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Hair Loss Medications in Harpenden

Something that many men are not aware of is that there is an 80% chance of maintaining and improving upon the hair that you have at this moment using an advanced medication such as Finasteride which is not available over the counter. Hair Loss medications can work very effectively for younger patients who are looking to keep a full head of hair and for men who want to prevent against further hair loss.


Finasteride (generic Propecia) is for men who wish to slow down and halt further hair loss. It works best with patients who have diffuse thinning which could be the start of a bald spot on the back or crown area, or a combination of hair which is receding at the front and sides or temple areas. Finasteride is a well-established drug of with around 40 years of scientific data so this has been clinically proven to give an 80% chance of holding onto your existing hair and you will amazed at what an effective solution this can be for lots of men.

Finasteride is known as a DHT blocker or anti-androgen treatment which slows down and halts the cause of hair loss and experts state that it stabilises your hair loss. Once you have stabilised your hair loss then it can help you to decide whether hair transplant surgery is the next stage for you to further improve. It can also be seen as a way of providing the best result possible following a surgical hair transplant. At Riverbanks we provide patients with an informed decision to help you to decide upon the debate of surgery versus medications as this can be a difficult choice to make.


Minoxidil is a liquid solution that is applied directly onto the scalp and is one of the only FDA-approved, clinically-proven hair loss treatments on the market today. It is for men who have lost a noticeable amount of hair density and want to maintain and improve upon the existing density that they have. It works across most areas of the scalp, and often when used in combination with Finasteride will significantly help you to keep most of the hair you have today. Finasteride helps to stop the cause of hair loss and Minoxidil is a powerful growth stimulant. Therefore using both medications together covers all of the angles.

Minoxidil is in the class of treatments called Potassium Channel Openers and it has been clinically proven that drugs which open Potassium Channels help to stimulate hair growth. It is not taken internally like a pill such as Finasteride so has little effect internally on the body. Minoxidil works by reactivating hair follicles and increasing their size whereas Finasteride stimulates growth by altering male hormone enzymes inside the body. Continued use of Minoxidil ensures that the hair follicles gain volume and growth cycles have a longer duration and this results in producing stronger, thicker and hairs of better quality. As we age a symptom of male pattern baldness is thinning of the scalp hairs as the follicles shrink so Minoxidil helps to reverse this. If you feel that hair loss medications are not right for you and you simply want to permanently replace hair on your scalp then consider the very latest developments in transplant surgery at Riverbanks Wellness® performed under local anaesthetic for your comfort.

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