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Lip Treatments London

Lips, Lip Creases and Lines around the Mouth

Also called Smile Lines, Marionette Lines or Peri-oral Commissures

As we get older, or succumb to the effects of hormonal changes, sun damage, smoking, weight loss and even dehydration, lines and wrinkles begin to form around our mouth. It can be hard to disguise these lines since make-up will in fact ‘leak’ into the crevices for an accentuated, aging effect.

We offer a range of treatments to help smooth out lip creases, and improve the outline, shape and size of your lips.

Lip and mouth lines can be treated with dermal fillers for an instantly revitalised look, although muscle-relaxing treatments such as botox are particularly effective ways of correcting downward-pointing mouth corners and reducing creases in the longer term.

Results can last between 6-9 months with fillers such as Restylane and Emervel, and 3 – 4 months with botulinum toxin.


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