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Lip Enhancements London

The lip area can be enhanced to stunning effect. However, key to the success of achieving fuller, plumper lips is subtlety. After all, you want to emerge feeling beautiful, but looking entirely natural – capitalising on your existing lip shape, in a way that isn’t overtly noticeable.

The upper lip can be gently treated with ‘dots’ of anti-wrinkle dermal fillers or botox, for an instantly more luscious look. We go to great lengths to consult with you first on the exact look you are trying to achieve, and the extent of the reshaping you want. Results are totally natural, lasting between 6-9 months with dermal fillers such as Restylane Lip Refresh and or Emervel Lip or Emervel Touch.


Laser Skin Smoothening

It is often best to resurface the top lip with SMARTXIDE especially if the lines are deep and are secondary to sun damage and excessive smoking.Results are much longer lasting than with dermal fillers and along with good skin care can last for years.

Read on for more information on Laser Skin Resurfacing with SmartXide.


Before & After Pictures

Smokers Lines

After Dermal Fillers


After Dermal Fillers

Smokers Lines

After Smartxide DOT

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