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Neck Treatments London

The neck is traditionally a neglected area and is also a relatively tricky area to treat. There are usually several types of reasons people visit Riverbanks seeking neck treatments:

  1. Neck bands
  2. Skin laxity
  3. Double chins
  4. Pigmentation


Turkey Neck Bands

These can be treated first with Botox type injections such as Azzalure. These are very fine pin pricks which soften the excessive muscle tone on these muscles. As a result, after a few days the bands relax and are less prominent. Treating the lower face and neck with Botox is an advanced indication and we are happy to offer you many years experience in these treatment areas.

Skin laxity, is often due to a combination of factors such as sun damage, ageing skin causing loss of collagen and elastin and also thinning of the supporting fatty and muscular layers under the skin. As a result for best outcomes a combination of treatments may be necessary. These will be discussed during your consultation.


Skin Laxity

For skin tightening we recommend in the first instance a course of Profhilo, an injectable biostimulator which is made of the purest medical grade hyaluronic acid available. Profhilo is a game changer in medical aesthetics as it has been shown to stimulate not only good collagen and elastin (and not scar collagen which many other products do but fail to mention) but it also stimulates stem cell  growth meaning your skin regenerates itself over time. A course of treatments is 2 sessions a month apart. Only in the more severe cases are more treatments required.  Once the course of Profhilo is complete, we will wait a month and allow the stimulation to take effect. We then boost the stimulation with a course of 4 skin tightening treatments using the latest radio frequency energy using the Exilis treatment. These are performed once a week over a month. Results are very quick and our patients are extremely happy. For those of you who are needle phobic, you could just do Exilis but may need more than 4 treatments. Again, this will be discussed during your consultation.


Double Chins

Excess fat under the chin and can be removed using 3 options:

  1. Fat Dissolving Injections (coming soon 2017)
  2. Fat Freezing
  3. Liposuction

The most effective and advanced fat freezing system in the world is Coolsculpting and with the dedicated CoolMini applicator, chins and jawlines can be defined in as little as one 45 minute treatment. Many people require a 90 minute treatment to treat both sides of their neck and some people need to repeat this 3 months later for best results. In all fairness, up until the Coolmini applicator was launched in 2016, the only option for reducing chin fat was VASER liposuction, but now, we have been so happy with the results from Coolmini, that it is first recommendation for patients.

Vaser Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic and sedation, where fat is liquefied and then gently sucked out from the chin. Typically less than 25 mls of fat is removed for excellent results (i.e. 5 teaspoons). The area is very delicate so skilled hands are required and we have over 10 years experience in liposuction to the chin area. The procedure takes about 30-40 mins and afterwards you will wear a compression strap around you head and chin. This will need to be worn for 3 days 24/7, and then about 12 hours a day/night for the next 3 weeks. We recommend manual lymphatic drainage massage therapy afterwards for about 2-3 weeks (about 3-6 sessions) and in cases where there is more skin laxity, we advise a course of Exilis skin tightening treatments to start one month after the VASER procedure.

The latest fat dissolving injections will be available at Riverbanks in March 2017 having been approved any all of the regulatory bodies around the world recently. More information will follow.



The neck often is deprived of sun cream because many people do not apply enough cream to the neck, focussing mostly on the face. As a result there is often a disproportionate degree of sun damage causing hyper pigmentation and redness and extra changes. As the skin is so thin, treatments have to be carefully tailored to this area. We generally recommend skin peels such as Dermamelan which have outstanding results as well as IPL for those broken veins.