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Nefertiti Lift London

The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti had such a stunning profile that every image of her shows off her amazing jawline.  If you want people to admire your profile, but it’s currently a little ‘fuzzy’ around the chin, you may be a suitable candidate for what was termed in 2007 as The Nefertiti lift.

The treatment was first described in 2007 by Dr Philip Levy (Geneva), where he identified that early jowl formation in some patients was due to the overactive neck muscle (called the platysma). In these patients, the platysmal muscle would pull down the skin on the jawline, causing a jowl. More exaggerated jowl formation would be caused by fat, so if your jowls are caused by fat then this treatment is not appropriate. But, if you have the early signs of jowl formation caused by muscular activity, then it maybe an option.

This treatment won’t replicate a face lift, but can streamline the jawline in some patients.  It’s a non-invasive procedure using Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) around the jawline and neck to relax the muscles so that the jawline is enhanced.

The only way to discover this treatment is suitable for you is to book a consultation as it requires a physical examination to ascertain whether it can achieve the results you want.

Even if it turns out that the Nefertiti lift won’t get you the outcome you would like, the Riverbanks consultancy team will be able to suggest alternatives such as the VASER neck lift.  There are many different options, both non-invasive and surgical procedures – the first step is always a consultation.

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