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Pellevé – Treatments for skin laxity, jowls, necks and wrinkly skin.

Pellevé is THE most popular and most effective radiofrequency treatment in the UK today. It is the gold standard for treating skin laxity especially around the eyes, jowls, neck and even the décolleté. Each treatment should be relaxing and a pleasant experience, unlike previous radiofrequency treatments of the past.

The Pellevé system gently delivers heat to your skin via smooth probes which are rolled over your skin by your skin specialist. The aim of the treatment is to get your surface skin temperature to about 41C degrees because at that temperature, collagen starts to shrink (tighten) and new collagen growth is then stimulated.

Even after just one treatment session, results can be seen straightaway in many people, with longer term results taking up to 6 months to develop. In order to see quicker long lasting results, we recommend a course of 3 treatments, each a month apart. For your peace of mind, we encourage our patients to try the first treatment and only to come back for their second and third treatments if they have seen even the slightest benefit from their first treatment. So if you don’t see any benefit whatsoever, there is no need to carry on with the course as Pellevé is not suitable for you.

So far, 95% of our patients have progressed to the full course of treatments!

Pellevé works even better in combination with Botox & Dermal fillers and Omnilux LED Phototherapy. Please ask the doctor for more details.


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Treatment FAQS

Is it safe?

Yes. Pellevé is entirely safe and had to go through rigourous clinical tests on large numbers of patients before the FDA approved its use in the USA. In fact in the FDA Approval Studies, 90% of patients noticed improvements without any complications.

What other devices are out there?

Radiofrequency skin tightening devices are plentiful. There are other systems such as Thermage (which is very expensive and not as effective as Pellevé) and Accent (which had a low patient satisfaction rate). Pellevé is now the most popular RF device in the UK and thats due to its high patient satisfaction record.

Will I look worse if I stop having Pellevé?

Not at all. Over time, your skin will start to age again naturally. You’ll just look better than if you hadn’t had Pellevé!

How long does it last?

Typically, the effects last for 6 months, after which a single session is required.

How much will it cost?

We have numerous packages on offer at the clinic so please ask your therapist.

Am I in safe hands?

Our doctors and therapists are trained in the most advanced techniques used by Pellevé experts from around the world.

What now?

For more information, please call our team on 01582762877