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Acne Scars London

About 80% of us have been effected by acne at some point in our lives. Both teenagers and adults can suffer. In fact, adult-onset acne is becoming increasingly common. Many sufferers have tried medications from their GP’s and dermatologists and if these treatments have been unsuccessful, there is little else the NHS can offer. Well, at Riverbanks we can offer patients hope. We will listen carefully to your symptoms and try and customise a treatment programme which may involve one or a combination of the treatments listed below:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Peels, great for flushing our waste products
  • Microskin resurfacing, great for clearing blocked pores
  • Phototherapy with blue and or red light, proven to be effective at reducing redness and acne
  • Lustre, a portable home use blue light system, proven to be effective at reducing acne
  • IPL to reduce any residual redness
  • Isotretinoin cream prescribed by one of our doctors
  • Smartxide DOT laser therapy to really boost new skin growth, reduce scars and kill off bacteria.

We regularly treat patients from London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire. Local residents from Harpenden, St Albans, Redbourn, Hemel Hempstead, Aylesbury, Hitchin, Luton & Watford already know the high standards Riverbanks provides in all of the treatments on offer.

At Riverbanks we want you to feel more confident in your skin. Give us a call on 0158 276 2877 or book a consultation.

Reduce acne scars for good

Acne scarring can be an unsightly reminder of having to deal with that condition.  It’s hard not to feel self-conscious if you’ve been left with visible scars – but that can change with a little help!

Today’s cosmetic treatments can now reduce – or in many cases, completely remove – acne scars and there are several options for treatment.

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