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Skin Peels London

At Riverbanks Wellness® our medical team specialises in treatments not typically available on the high street. Most of our skin peels require medical supervision because they are extremely effective.

We have a wide variety of successful skin peels for the following common skin conditions:

  • Abnormal hyperpigmentation (eg. freckles, chloasma, melasma, age spots, pigmentation)
  • Acne
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Pores
  • Lack lustre skin

Unfortunately, many of our patients have previously experienced ineffective treatments at other, less experienced skin centres. However, at Riverbanks, we want to welcome you to our family and join all of our other happy patients. We are extremely confident that after a careful Harmony Consultation with one of our expert medical aestheticians, we will be able to find a treatment suitable for your needs.

Our skin peels  work with dark and light skin types – and this is a real plus as many inferior systems cannot be used in darker skin types.


Peels for Hyperpigmentation & Freckles

Our peel range acts on cells responsible for skin pigmentation, and decrease the production of coloured pigment (melanin) in areas where this is excessive.

It is successful in 99% of cases involving abnormal hyper pigmentation of epidermal origin (i.e. superficial) and 95% of cases of blemish reduction!

What’s involved in a skin peel procedure for removing hyperpigmentation?

Once you and your medical aesthetician have selected this treatment for you, you will be advised on what to expect as follows:

  • The first phase of treatment is to have a professional lightening mask applied to your face or neck or décolleté or hands, in the clinic. You will have to leave this on for several hours so it is best to have this on in the morning. You can go home once the mask has been applied. You will be advised by your therapist when you should wash the mask off.
  • The second phase starts once the mask has been removed. We like to see you the following morning, once you have washed the mask off and we will then reassess your skin and advise you what to expect over the next few days and also provide you with instructions for the rest of the maintenance phase.
  • Within the first couple of days you will start to peel gently and your skin will become slightly red. This will last for anything between 5-10 days in most people. It just depends how much hyperpigmentation needs to be treated.
  • Some patients notice results after the first week, while others need to wait 4 weeks to see the results.
  • The maintenance phase is relatively straightforward with no downtime at all. Your therapist will advise you how long you need to stay on maintenance for.



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Before and after pictures with Skin Peels

Dermamelan Skin Peels for Freckles and Pigmentation
Hyperpigmentation Peel
Skin Rejuvenation Peel

Peels for Acne

Our Acne Reducing Skin Peels are excellent at treating mild to moderate acne. We have a range of peels tailored to suit your needs. We believe that in order to deliver the best results we have to use combination therapies such as:

  • peels
  • extractions
  • LED phototherapy
  • hydration
  • and occasionally lasers, collagen induction therapy or medication

Acne Skin Peel
Acne is often under treated with traditional medicine and as a result people skin suffers and this can lead to permanent scarring. Therefore we are relatively aggressive in our approach, making sure that we try and switch off the acne as quickly as possible, but also by minimising any downtime so that people can still work or study. For most of our acne peels treatments there is virtually no downtime at all, but more aggressive systems are available at the clinic – it just depends on your needs.

One of our most successful acne treatments is our Riverbanks Bespoke Skin Peel programme which will involve a customised skin care programme tailored to your skin needs and your lifestyle choices.