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Vaser 4D Sculpt explained

Have you ever felt that deserve an athletic looking body, but no matter how hard you’ve trained and dieted you have still struggled to get the look? If so, VASER 4D LIPO may be what you are looking for.

Dr Ravi Jain is one of the most experienced VASER surgeons in the UK, if not the world. He regularly treats patients who fly in to his Harpenden practice from all corners of the globe. He is also an internationally recognised expert by his peers and has taught and lectured thousands of doctors from all over the world.

VASER 4D is for both Men & Women.

Absolutely! In fact more women than men want treating. Most women do not want a six pack, but would prefer the muscles to be defined along the borders of the stomach muscles, from the bust down to the groin, without the horizontal lines. Women´s waistlines can be transformed in to hour glass figures, and we can even increase the definition around your breasts as well. Our male patients often crave a six pack, and in many we find that creating a twin pack is actually more realistic if they have always struggled with their weight. But, if you are slim and have great muscle tone and good skin elasticity, then you may be suitable for the full six pack look!

It must be noted that exercise and a healthy diet are still recommended before and after any body contouring surgery and that any surgery can go as planned, as well as go wrong.


Before and After Pictures VASER 4D / Hi Def by Riverbanks

Vaser 4D Lipo - Female
Vaser 4D Lipo - Female
Vaser 4D lipo Male
Vaser 4D Male
Vaser 4D Male
Vaser 4D Male
Vaser 4D Male
Vaser 4D Male

VASER 4D Treatment FAQS

How does Vaser 4D Lipo differ from standard Vaser Lipo?

Liposuction removes fat from the deep and middle layers of fat and deliberately avoiding the superficial layers because if treated with traditional liposuction techniques, the very sensitive blood & lymphatic vessels in the superficial layer are traumatised too much and may cause scarring and even tissue breakdown. Vaser`s unique probes protect these blood vessels and selectively treat only fat. That is why it is now possible to safely remove from these areas. It is the superficial fatty layers which often hide the muscular definition and so by carefully sculpting these areas, we can give you a highly defined look. Vaser Hi Def & 4D Sculpt is only available from doctors who have been specifically trained in this procedure by Dr Hoyos.

Where can I have the procedure?

We are happy to provide a full VASER 4D Lipo service in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Where will my after-care be?

VASER 4D After-care can be provided by our skilled therapists at our London and Harpenden offices for your convenience.

What is involved?

Vaser Hi Def / 4D has a slightly longer recovery period than standard Vaser Lipo. As such, following your initial consultation with one of our doctors, once you have decided you wish to proceed, you will be invited back for a pre-op check up with one of our trained nurses who will perform some medical examinations such as blood tests, blood pressure, vital statistics, photography and dietary details in order to ensure everything goes smoothly for you. You will also be given a prescription for your after-care medications. Then a date will be scheduled for you. It is important that you have someone to care for you in the first 24-48 hours following surgery as the garments are quite tricky! On the day of surgery you will meet your anaesthetist who will check you once more before giving you what is known as Concious Sedation, a local anaesthetic which give you a painless experience. Following surgery (which can take between 2-4 hours), you will be observed in the clinic for a couple of hours before being discharged with your companion. We will then see you for your VASER post-op aftercare every day for the next 7-10 days depending on your recovery or if you live a long distance from the clinic we could arrange local after-care for you with our network partners. Please ask during your consultation.

Where can I stay?

We can arrange local accommodation for you depending on your budget. Luton Hoo Spa Resort offers the most relaxing surroundings and is only 5 minutes from the clinic. There are other B&B facilities and smaller hotels in Harpenden as well so please just ask us.

If you choose to have your procedure at our London location, you will be able to spend your first night in a private room at our private hospital. Subsequent nights can be spent at The Marylebone Hotel next door to our hospital.

What if I don´t have a companion?

It is very important that you are not left alone following any surgery. We can arrange a nurse to stay with your for as long as you need assistance, which is usually for the first 48 hours.

What do I do now?

If you would like to book a doctors consultation to find out if Vaser 4D Lipo is suitable for you, please call our friendly team on 01582 762 877.


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