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Abdomen & Love Handles London

The most popular areas to have treated with liposuction, VASER lipo and also non-invasive methods are the tummy and love handles. There are several reasons for this including wanting slimmer waistlines and also to be able to feel more confident with tighter clothing and indeed on the beach.

For patients who want to avoid the prolonged recovery time and larger scars and potential complications of traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo is a good alternative providing excellent fat reduction, superior skin tightening, minimal visibility of scars and a quicker recovery.

If you want to reduce your waistline by inches and diet and exercise has failed to meet your expectations or that you need a boost to keep you motivated, then VASER lipo can help. At Riverbanks, we recommend you treat your tummy and flanks at the same time in order to achieve the most natural looking results.

How are the areas divided?

The upper, lower abdomen and both flanks are each classified as a separate area. So to treat all of these would class as 3 areas. In larger individuals, the flanks may be classed as 1.5 areas.

Will my scars be visible?

At Riverbanks we try and hide all of your scars as we want you to feel confident enough to show off your new body! We also use advanced techniques to maximise the healing of any scars. However, it is important that you avoid any sun exposure to your scars for the first year after treatment as they could darken with UV rays.

Will I feel any pain?

No! Our consultant anaesthetists use the most advanced sedation techniques called ‘conscious sedation’ which have all the benefits of a general anaesthesia (i.e. You won’t feel or remember anything about your surgery), but without the risks (i.e. You will breathe by yourself, and you will respond to command and even listen to music!). Several studies have been published in medical journals confirming that this is the safest way to perform liposuction type procedures.

VASER Mid-Def at no extra charge!

There are some clinics which offer a procedure called VASER Mid-def. Essentially they are offering a good VASER Lipo treatment without extending to a six pack revealing surgery. At Riverbanks, all of our patients who sign up to our VASER aftercare programme will receive VASER Mid-Def at no extra charge. That is because we believe in giving our patients the best and most natural looking results at all times.

What if I want to maximise the muscular definition of my abs?

If you would like to have the most advanced form of liposculpture and give you the torso you have dreamed of, have a look at the amazing results that VASER 4D Sculpt can give!

When will I see results?

Almost immediately. You will then swell a bit for a few weeks while you wear your compression garments. Then at about 6-8 weeks you will see 90% of the end result. The final 10% comes over the next year. Most of the pictures you see on the internet and on our website are taken between 6-12 weeks after surgery.


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