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Gynaecomastia London

Can you wear a snug fitting T-shirt and be confident that you look good – or are your T-shirts baggy enough to hide those man-boobs that have appeared?

It’s not just women who have boob-jobs – man-boobs or ‘moobs’ can be as much of a confidence sapper, especially when you want to:

  • Look good in a fitted shirt when the meeting gets heated and the jackets come off;
  • Be able to wear fitted T-shirts and crew necks without looking like the Michelin man;
  • Look forward to holidays in the sunshine, without worrying about people staring when you strip off to your swimwear;

Gynaecomastia is abnormal breast development and in some situations appears, almost overnight, while for other it starts during  teenage years. As the years pass, gravity starts to have an effect. Breast reduction is not something that is only for the girls – you don’t have to spend the rest of your life hiding in baggy clothes and holidaying in colder climates – there is a solution!

You could, of course, have traditional surgery. What you may not know is that you can remove man-boobs without a general anaesthetic and extensive surgery and go right back to work without anyone being the wiser – except they’ll think you’ve lost a few pounds and may have been working out.

The answer is Vaser Lipo – this minimally-invasive technique:

  • Reduces the fat content – permanently,
  • Tightens the skin,
  • The procedure is painless,
  • Has minimal recovery time (hours, rather than weeks)
  • And costs less than the surgical alternatives.

What else will getting rid of your man boobs do?

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Boost your confidence
  • Allow you to wear the clothes that you want
  • Give you that smart, professional image that matches your performance


How can I get rid of Man Boobs?

Male Breast Reduction – The Pinch Test


Treatment FAQS

What type of results can I expect from my gynaecomastia surgery?

At Riverbanks Wellness®, we strive to achieve results which meet your expectations. During your consultation, it will have been explained to you that you should only proceed with VASER surgery if you will be a happy with 50% reduction in the pinch thickness of your breasts. You will have been shown several examples of previous Riverbanks patients with varying degrees of success. During the surgery, the pinch thickness will be about 1 cm, however during your recovery, your skin layers will partially reform and the tissue thickness will increase slightly. We have a 90% satisfaction rate with our treatments and many men’s lives have been transformed following treatments. It is quite common for our patients to wish they had done this years ago.

Will the VASER remove any gland?

Nearly all men that we see suffer from Pseudo-Gynaecomastia (predominantly only fatty breast tissue) or a Mixed-Gynaecomastia (fatty and glandular tissue). In these patients, the VASER Lipo process effectively liquifies the fatty breast tissue  and reduces the gland tissue down to a size that is barely noticeable. If, the glandular tissue is still obvious and causes a noticeable contour, then the gland will be removed during the procedure via a ‘pull-through’ technique. This is much simpler after VASER as the size of the gland has been reduced because the fatty tissue contained in it has been removed with VASER.

What sort of recovery can I expect?

You will feel like you have done too many bench presses, or that you had been punched in the chest. In other words, your chest will feel tight and sore. It is not usually painful enough to require more than 1-2 days off work, but each individual’s response varies. After 2 days, you can take off your compression vest and remove your padding. Your scars should have healed up and you can have a quick cool shower. Continue with your antibiotics and wear your compression garment for 3 weeks 24/7 and then 3 weeks 12 hours a day. This is important to minimise any bleeding, inflammation and swellings and to maximise skin retraction. You will be reviewed a week after surgery, when any stitches will be removed if they have been necessary. Occasionally at 6 weeks there will be some swelling present. This will usually resolve over the next 6 months and will be reviewed at your 6 month check-up with your surgeon.

When can I return to exercise?

Wait for 2 weeks after surgery before starting exercise. Be mindful that your chest may be tight with stretching movements. Because the surgery does not involve treating any muscles, your recovery will be relatively quick.

What can go wrong?

It is unusual for something to go wrong during VASER assisted gynaecomastia-reduction surgery. Common symptoms following surgery include pain and numbness and changes in nipple sensitivity. Increased or decreased sensitivity can last up to 6 months and in rare cases can be permanent. Chronic pain is not common.

What happens if I am not happy with my surgery?

At Riverbanks we have an extremely high satisfaction rate of 97% across all of our VASER Lipo procedures since 2008. In the unlikely event that the surgery has not been successful and needs to be repeated then we will do so.

How much will my surgery cost?

The fee includes surgeon, anaesthetist, nursing, hospital fees, blood tests and your post-op check-ups at 1 day, 1 week and 6 months. You will have to pay for your private prescriptions at your local pharmacist. Please ask our team for our current fees.

How can I book my surgery?

  • After your consultation with our surgeon, in your own time, study the information which will be either emailed or handed to you.
  • Call 01582762877 or email with our VASER secretary to book your surgery date.
  • You will need to attend a pre-op consultation with our nurse for blood tests and to make sure every thing will go smoothly on your surgery day.
  • If you require a nurse to assist you at home, please let us know so we can arrange that for you.
  • Book your time off work!


Have you read our blog?

Our gynaecomastia blog has many posts relating to how our team treat gynaecomastia with Vaser at Riverbanks. There are many before and after pictures as well as videos so why not have a read?


Before & After Pictures

Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction
Before and after pictures gynaecomastia with VASER Lipo - male breast reduction

Male Breast Reduction Videos

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