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Rosacea London

Rosacea is an inflammatory condition that mainly affects the cheeks, forehead and nose.

Its causes the face to become flushed and red and typically feels itchy and burning. Small white and yellow pimples may appear, which sometimes become pustules. In some cases, the rash becomes permanent, leaving the skin red.

When the nose is affected, particularly in older men, the skin becomes thickened, swollen and purple, a condition called rhinophyma. Although it can appear for the first time at any age, it most commonly appears between the ages of 30 and 55.

Common triggers for a Rosacea ‘flare up’ are spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, temperature changes, exposure to the sun or wind and stress. The condition can be hereditary; the cause, although speculated upon, remains unknown.

Although mild Rosacea can be addressed using topical antibiotics, more persistent cases often result in discomfort and even embarrassment. Sadly, in worst-case scenarios, individuals are often maligned with accusations of alcohol abuse.

At Riverbanks we fully understand how distressing the condition can be for sufferers. We offer a variety of state of the art lasers including the Harmony AFT system as well as the VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser to provide complete solutions.


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