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Sun Damaged Skin London

Sun Damaged Skin and wind-damaged Skin

More is known now about the harmful effects of UV sun exposure than ever before. Gone are the days when basting yourself in searing heat to achieve a golden tan was a pastime to be commended. Nowadays, we’re constantly being reminded of the dangers of skin cancer, and being told to cover up and apply high-factor sunscreens.

That said, the sun is good for you, in moderation – its vitamin D content can genuinely make you feel better and being outdoors surely means more fresh air and exercise.

What to do then? Everything in moderation, we say, and yes – wear a high factor, good quality screen, even in the wind (powerful UV rays can still penetrate through the clouds).

As we age, and spend more time in the sun, our skin becomes weaker and less elastic. Collagen, the protein that makes up 80% of our skin, loses its ability to stretch and recoil and we develop wrinkles and age (liver) spots that make us look much older than we are.

It is, however, possible to turn back the clocks and regain much of your skin’s youthful glow and fresh appearance, and to continue to look after yourself in the longer term. In addition to the innovative treatments we offer for specific areas of the head, face, neck and body, our shop sells a range of highly effective complimentary creams and lotions to pamper and care for sun damaged skin.

Pigmented skin lesions should always be carefully examined by a doctor and if they are benign (i.e. not dangerous), we would recommend the following treatments:


Short bursts of medical strength IPL light is extremely effective for correcting a lot of sun damage. The darker areas of sun damage absorb the intense light. After a few days they darken and the top layers crust and fall off. On average between 2 – 4 treatments may be required. There may be some mild redness for up to 24 hours. Each treatment is only mildly uncomfortable and lasts just a few minutes. No time off work is required.

Smartxide Laser Skin Resurfacing

For the best results, using the highly advanced CO2 fractional laser SmartXide, you can improve the overall quality of your skin as well as remove pigmentation. Younger, tighter and smoother skin is restored with SmartXide, all in 1 – 4 treatments. There may be redness from 2 – 7 days depending on how strong a treatment you choose.

Dr Jain recommends the following creams to help combat the effects of sun damage:

  • Prevage MD
  • Priori Even Tones
  • Priori Idebenone Moisturising Cream
  • Priori Daily Defense SPF30
  • Vitage Skin Protector SPF 30

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Patient Testimonials

“I’ve just begun to visit Riverbanks and it’s like visiting old friends. I know that I’m in for a great welcome, a sparklingly clean clinic, professional staff who listen to me, provide advice on treatments and who will give me time to think about that advice. Then when my treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) began I felt utterly comfortable, both physically and mentally. After the first appointment all I wanted to do was to book a date for the next one.”
Steven Davis, Herts, Oct 2009