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Are you having a face-lift?

Published on February 9, 2015 by

Whichever option you choose there are ways of getting even better results by using a combination of treatments. If you want a longer lasting result from your face-lift it’s worth looking at having a laser skin resurfacing treatment too. This will tighten your skin even further and improve the skin quality to give you that more youthful, fresh and bright appearance.

These two procedures do different things – and both together make a dramatic difference to the final result.

A face-lift lifts your muscles and skin that is sagging to pull them up. It simply lifts the tissues and restructures your soft tissues. Sometimes a surgeon will do a little bit of fat transference to give your face volume. However, a face-lift will not change the texture of your skin and that’s where laser skin resurfacing will make the difference.

As you get older your skin becomes thinner, which can cause that ‘crepey’ effect. Any blemishes, pigmentation or conditions such as rosacea won’t be affected by a face-lift – although they may appear in a different place as the skin will have been lifted.

If you want your face-lift to really look good you need to recondition the skin too. At one time a surgeon would do a really deep chemical peel during the surgical procedure to achieve this – but this takes quite a long time to heal and, in those days, face-lift patients would be in hospital for some time after the procedure with their faces wrapped up. Today patients want to be back in action as quickly as possible.

Laser skin resurfacing will give you denser skin with brand new tissue growth. It also fades signs of sun damage, gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles and gives your skin a healthy glow. A face-lift can’t do this.

If you plan your procedures ahead of time we suggest that you have laser skin resurfacing two to three months before your face-lift surgery. This will ensure your skin is really healthy and ready for surgery.

If you come to us at the Riverbanks Wellness near Harpenden (we’re actually in East Hyde, Bedfordshire, just up the road) you’ll benefit from our innovative aftercare techniques which will get you back to normal in about half the time most clinics do.

Our patients come from all round the country as well as overseas – but many from the local areas, Luton, St Albans and other towns in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Come and talk to our medical team and ensure that your face-lift looks amazing with firmer, clearer, fresher and more glowing skin.

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