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Do Stem Cell Boob Jobs increase the risk of breast cancer?

Published on January 26, 2012 by

There is much debate over the safety of breast augmentation with the patients own fat cells. Many believe that this is the safest form of augmentation while other are concerned at the risk of breast cancer developing because of the changing nature of the stem cells found in fat tissue. There is also the concern that any breast augmentation makes detection of breast cancers more difficult although the expert panel agreed that this was less so with fatty augmentation when compared with silicone implants.

The panel included the following plastic surgeons, known for their expertise in treating breasts with fat transfer – also known as lipofilling:

Emmanuel DELAY
Sebastien GARSON
Raphael SINNA

Raphael SINNA
Sebastien GARSON
Ernst Magnus NOAH

They summarised:

1. There is a breast cancer risk following lipofilling to the breast although Khourry reported anecdotally that out of 600 cases in 5 years he had detected 4 new breast cancers.

2. They were all undecided as to the exact risks

3. There was an unproven risk or advantage to the technique

4. Results relied heavily on technique

5. Multiple threaded & layered injection techniques provided the most natural results.

6. As 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer, expect that your patient will develop cancer so offer a treatment that allows you to identify that cancer earlier and does not interfere with treatment of the cancer. Dr Del Vecchio preferred lipofilling as it did not complicate radiological interpretation of mammograms as much as silicone implants.

7. Yashumoro remarked that over the last 5 years he had only done 120 lipofiling cases for cosmetic reasons. i.e. the number of patients that meet the strict selection criteria is low.

8. Patient selection is key.

9. About 30% of patients having silicone implants will undergo repeat surgeries in their first year to manage complications.

10. The method of centrifuging the harvest fat varied between each of the experts. Its is the injection technique that is more important.

11. The experts did NOT inject into the sub mammary space nor the breast gland. Just the deep & superficial layers of the adipose tissue and occasionally into the pectoralis muscles.

12. Use of the BRAVA Breast Enhancement system dramatically improved results when used with lipofilling.

This workshop was well attended by hundreds of doctors from around the world. It was an excellent forum where knowledge and experience was shared freely. It would be great to see such a debate in the UK.

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