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Get your shirt off! The VASER Solution

Published on December 4, 2014 by

Despite the brief costumes the girls sometimes wear on Strictly Come Dancing the real excitement seems to revolve around whether or not the men are going shirtless or not. Of course, the professional dancers are athletes and have finely honed six-packs – and many of the young celebrities have obviously worked out and reveal a great set of pecs and abs.

So – are you ready to expose your chest to the world? We’re not talking about Strictly, but what about in the gym, at the pool – and next season, on the beach? Or would nothing induce you to take your shirt off; it’s just too embarrassing?

If you’ve made the effort and are fit, but can’t shift the excess fatty deposits around your chest, taking your shirt off to reveal those man boobs is probably a step too far.

It’s not unusual and you’ll be relieved to hear that it’s not something that you have to live with forever. Major surgery for breast reduction is a pretty drastic step and one that most men don’t consider; they’d rather grin and bear it. Except that the grin is anything but genuine.

The modern solution is VASER. This treatment is life-changing for most men as the results are dramatic and the treatment takes just an hour or so.

If you’ve ever said “I wish I could just have the fat sucked out,” now you can. VASER lipo works by inserting a very fine cannula and aspirating the fat so it becomes liquid and then sucking it out.

Are you a good candidate for VASER lipo?

It’s not for everyone and it’s important that patients are fit and follow a sensible diet. It’s not the answer to serious weight problems as there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed, but it is the perfect solution for localised areas where fat seems impossible to shift. For men suffering from gynaecomastia (man boobs) it’s an excellent – and permanent – solution.

5 facts about surgery v. Vaser lipo

Traditional Surgery

Requires a general anaesthetic with the risks that entails

The incisions are usually obvious as large gland excision is perfomed.

Often requires an overnight stay

1 week off work is usually required.

More aftercare and dressings changes are needed due to more cutting involved.


The procedure is done under twilight sedation so you are breathing yourself and not relying on ventilators.

The incisions are just smaller and hidden so that they leave almost unnoticeable scars.

Your appointment will be for between 1-2 hours and then you’ll be able to go home later that day.

You can return to work after 1-2 days,

Minimal amount of dressings are usually needed

The results speak for themselves – take a look at some more of the before and after pictures.

Size is not important!

It doesn’t matter whether your man boobs are quite developed or you just have small fatty deposits on your chest that make you self-conscious about how your clothes look. If they’re influencing your life choices it’s worth doing something about it.

Most of the men who have experienced the Vaser male breast reduction procedure have commented that they wished they’d done it earlier.

It doesn’t change your shape dramatically, just reduces the prominence of your breast area by removing excess fat. Most people won’t notice, they’ll just think you’ve lost a few kilos and been working out, but you will be able to take your shirt off with confidence on holiday, in the garden and in sports changing rooms.

If you’re thinking about it, do give us a call for a chat and book a consultation about Vaser male breast reduction either in our Harley Street Clinic or at Riverbanks Wellness near Harpenden, Herts. We can discuss your case and decide if you’re a good candidate for this life-changing procedure.

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