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Muscle or Man-boobs?

Published on February 7, 2016 by

For most men, a well-developed chest is a good thing.  It’s a sign they’re fit, healthy and have good pecs.  However, for some men the ripples under their T-shirt or sweater are not muscles – they’re man-boobs!

If the ripples under your T-shirt aren’t firm and toned, then you’re almost certainly suffering from the dreaded man-boobs – or, to give the condition it’s proper name, Gynaecomastia.

We’ve got patients all around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire (because we’re right on the border of the two counties) who come to us for male breast reduction.  Although some of them have developed bigger breasts from being overweight, this is far from the most common reason our patients have embarrassing man-boobs.

Some men are just prone to developing slightly protruding breasts, it’s usually the result of an imbalance in hormones (and we can help with that too – check out this page on Bio-Identical Hormones).  Even relatively slim men can develop prominent breast tissue – and it has a significant effect on many of them.

If you suffer from this condition you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Modifying your lifestyle so that:

  • You don’t undress in the gym or at the pool when other people are around
  • You don’t play in your local sport teams as you dread the locker room ‘banter’
  • You avoid taking your kids swimming
  • You always wear a jacket at work, no matter how hot it gets to hide your ‘breasts’
  • You don’t wear tight T-shirts, sweaters or other tops – regardless of the current fashion trends
  • You’re reluctant to let your partner see you without something covering your man-boobs
  • You’re really not looking forward to the beach holiday your family or mates are planning because you’re not sure how you’ll avoid exposing your chest.

If this is ringing bells and you have developed a whole range of ‘reasons why I don’t …’ stop right there!  You don’t have to suffer this embarrassing condition; it can be treated.

Whatever the cause of your condition, the excess fat that’s gathered on your chest can be removed and you can have the smooth, manly chest that will allow you to live your life without constantly having to think twice before you do anything.

The secret is Vaser Lipo

This is a completely safe treatment that simply sucks the excess fat out and restores a ‘normal’ chest profile.  Vaser Liposuction has been around for many years and has been successful in reducing fatty deposits in both men and women, whether it’s love handles or saddlebag thighs.  For Gynaecomastia it’s an excellent solution.

In most cases a single treatment will do the job.  The treatment is done under local anaesthetic and involves two tiny incisions of just 5mm to allow the canula to reach the fat cells.

Post treatment you may have some bruising, but this generally fades over the next few days.  You’ll need to wear a compression garment for up to 12 weeks to help the healing process, then you’ll be ready to reveal your new chest without self-consciousness.

We’ve been carrying out this procedure for several years (and teach other doctors the techniques too).  We’ve got patients who have successfully regained a chest they’re proud to reveal in tight clothes walking around all the towns locally – Harpenden, St Albans, Luton and Bedford (not to mention London).

Find out more here – and then give our team a call on 01582 762877 and they’ll be happy to answer any questions and arrange a consultation with our doctors.

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