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Lipo to sculpt the body you want

Published on January 12, 2015 by

Actually, shaping your body is not an unattainable fantasy – it is entirely possible using Vaser 4D Lipo. You can remove fatty deposits that are hiding your toned muscles and improve definition by introducing fat removed from one area under the muscle to give it a more prominent definition.

What can Vaser 4D Lipo achieve?

  • You can reveal that 6-pack by removing the fat that is sitting on top of the muscle; this depends on your muscles being well developed, but a twin-pack is achievable for more people.
  • You can improve the definition of your pectoral muscles (or enhance your breasts) by introducing fat removed from elsewhere on your body under the pecs.
  • You can streamline your waist by removing fatty deposits around the side and back to give you a cleanly defined waistline.
  • You can remove the excess fat around your arms to show off your biceps.
  • You can trim the fat away from thighs and knees to give your leg muscles definition or a slimmer, sleeker, more athletic appearance.

The pictures speak for themselves take a look at the results our patients have achieved on our Vaser 4D page. This is just one of the examples of what is possible:

What actually happens to give these results?

Liposuction removes fat from the deep and middle layers of fat and avoids the superficial layers to protect the sensitive blood and lymphatic vessels. The Vaser procedure selectively treats only fat that is safe to remove. By carefully sculpting the superficial fatty layers you get a highly defined look.

Vaser Hi Def/4D has a slightly longer recovery period than standard Vaser Lipo. The procedure includes a pre-op check up with one of our trained nurses including blood tests, blood pressure, vital statistics, photos from several angles and dietary details in order to ensure everything goes smoothly for you.

You will be given a prescription for your after-care medications. You will need someone to care for you in the first 24-48 hours following surgery as the garments are quite tricky – if you don’t have someone who can do this it can be arranged for you.

On the day of surgery you will meet your anaesthetist who will check you once more before giving you what is known as Concious Sedation; in effect this is a local anaesthetic which give you a painless experience.

The procedure generally takes between 2-4 hours and then you will be observed in the clinic for a couple of hours before being discharged with your companion.

Your VASER post-op aftercare means that you will need to have specialised Manual Lymphatic drainage every day for the next 7-10 days to ensure everything goes according to plan.

You’ll then need to follow the post-op instructions until the healing process is complete and the Riverbanks team will stay in touch to monitor progress and answer any concerns you may have.

As you might imagine, this isn’t something that is easy – you need an expert to do this and Dr Jain is the most highly qualified VASER doctor in the UK. In fact, he’s the one other physicians come to for training!

If you’d like to achieve that beautifully sculpted body with fine definition do give the Riverbanks Wellness team a call on 0844 804 7729.

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