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Male breast reduction is not just vanity

Published on December 1, 2014 by

Men who suffer from Gynecomastia or man boobs are not just people who have weight problems. Many men who have pronounced breasts have had them since adolescence and find they won’t go away no matter how carefully they diet or how much time they spend at the gym.

The impact of a visible breast on many men is to wear baggy, concealing clothes and avoid situations where they have to take off their shirts. This means:

  • No swimming
  • No holidays in warm climates
  • No fitted clothes in the gym
  • No fashionable outfits if the current trend is for fitted clothes

In cases where the man is very self-conscious it can have significant consequences on personal and work relationships.

If this is you what are your options?

Male breast reduction is a sensitive subject – it’s not something that is openly discussed in the locker room or the pub. If you’ve been the butt of jokes about your man boobs or are self-conscious about excess fat on your chest you can:

  • Do nothing and suffer in silence
  • Invest in Vaser Lipo and change your life in just an afternoon and back to work in a couple of days
  • Take the surgical route – general anaesthetic, scarring, at least a week or two off work, higher risk of infection and longer healing period

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what Eammon had to say about the procedure:

“I selected Vaser Lipo as I had read that it was less painful than other methods and the recovery was much sooner. I researched a few different clinics carrying out this procedure but felt Riverbanks offered much more in terms of a personal service rather than just another patient through the door. When meeting Ravi I felt my selection was justified and have been happy with the results ever since.”

Of course, seeing is believing and this is just one of the examples of what has been achieved for our patients. To see more do go and look at the page on Gynecomastia.

Vaser Lipo is a painless procedure carried out under twighlight sedation and is a really impressive treatment for male breast reduction. It reduces the fat in the breast area – permanently and tightens the skin. Recovery is quick with most men able to return to work after a day or two, rather than the much longer time out from work that liposuction surgery requires.

“The process was excellent from start to finish. Dr Jain is very knowledgeable and answers all your questions honestly. It is only 3 days since the surgery so the proper effect has yet to materialise, but the surgery has definitely reduced the shape and bulk that was there previously – can’t wait!! I’m 100% pleased; I wish I had found this clinic earlier!!!!”

Andy S

The majority of men who have undergone the Vaser Lipo breast reduction procedure say that they wished they’d done it earlier. If you’ve been thinking about doing something about your man boobs, do it now!

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