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Shirts off! It’s summer

Published on May 18, 2015 by

You don’t have to be overweight to get man-boobs – some men are just more prone to developing fatty tissue in the chest area and it’s embarrassing if, when your shirt comes off, you have bouncing boobs! So what can you do?

The options are:

  1. Stay covered up – uncomfortable if you’re on the beach or at the pool – and you’re not fooling anyone if you go swimming in a Tshirt – you can still see your moobs!
  2. Diet to try and get rid of them. If you’re prone to man boobs, it’s probably not going to work unless you diet down to an unhealthy weight and that’s going to be really hard work.
  3. Book in for surgery – painful, and probably unnecessary.
  4. Have a chat with Dr Ravi at Riverbanks and get them Vasered.

The Vaser Magic

Vaser is a treatment for male breast reduction; it removes the fat deposits from your pecs and leaves you with a smooth line that lets you strip off with confidence. Why choose this instead of liposuction surgery?

  • Vaser treatment doesn’t require a general anaesthetic
  • Vaser doesn’t require you to be an in-patient; the whole process takes less than a couple of hours
  • Vaser doesn’t leave any visible scars; the incisions are tiny, just 5mm, and fade away to be virtually invisible
  • Vaser doesn’t leave you with bruising for weeks; you just wear the compression garment for up to 12 weeks while the healing process takes place and then you’re ready for the big reveal!

Providing you follow the doctor’s advice you will easily maintain your new streamlined figure and you won’t believe how much more confident you’ll feel.

Don’t take our word for it …

It’s hardly surprising that we think Vaser is an amazing treatment, but the proof is what other people say. Here is some of the feedback from men who’ve used Vaser to get rid of their man-boobs:

“After researching male breast reduction surgery on the internet, I decided to opt for Vaser lipo due to the results possible and minimal downtime during the recovery period. Also a big factor was that I was awake and able to talk to the surgeon whilst the procedure was being carried out. Having decided what treatment to opt for I phoned a few clinics in the UK but picked out Riverbanks as the best choice. This was based on the professionalism of the web site, Best New Clinic Award, staff who made you feel totally at ease and the surgeon Dr Ravi Jain who explained and went through the procedure step by step to ease any doubt the patient may have had. First class clinic. Since my op I have made very good progress and am very pleased with the results.” Paul, Swansea

“I selected Vaser Lipo as I had read that it was less painful than other methods and the recovery was much sooner. I researched a few different clinics carrying out this procedure but felt Riverbanks offered much more in terms of a personal service rather than just another patient through the door. When meeting Ravi I felt my selection was justified and have been happy with the results ever since. Even after the procedure Ravi has kept in touch to review my progress which confirmed my initial thoughts of a much more personal service. In addition to that his staff make you feel very welcome and at ease from start to finish. Thanks again.” Eamonn, Dublin

“I chose Vaser lipo purely for the fact that the pain was minimal. I went to visit Dr Jain, and was so impressed with all the staff there that I didn’t hesitate to pay for the treatment. I felt very comfortable during my treatment, and I always feel welcome when I go for my follow up consultations. The results have made me feel more comfortable with my body; however I think I will need some minor corrections. This does not bother me as I know that Doctor Jain will give me the best advice. I would like to thank Doctor Jain and his team for all the support during and after my treatment, and would have no problem recommending Riverbanks Wellness.” Sanjiv, St Albans

“The results are amazing! I found it very difficult to find a place to do the kind of specific surgery I wanted done – and as such I didn’t really have high hopes that I would be able to get the kind of outcome I wanted. But credit to my surgeon, he did a fantastic job!” Paul G

What next?

If you want to know more there’s plenty of information, including videos on the website or just give the Clinic a call on 01582 762877 to discuss what you want to achieve.

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