Finally, skin peels that really work

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Finally, skin peels that really work

Skin peels have been popular to revitalise the skin on your face and improve the look, reducing acne scarring, dark patches and large visible pores.  However, there are skin peels and SKIN PEELS!

Skin peels for hyperpigmentation

The difference is that a trained beautician cannot use skin peels at medical level – simply because they don’t have the medical qualification to do so.  It’s not unusual for patients to tell us that they’ve already tried skin peels – and insist that they don’t work. The same patients have had amazing results from the skin peels they’ve had at Riverbanks Wellness (near Harpenden in Bedfordshire).

Let Lianne tell you her story.

“After living with bad pigmentation mainly on one side of my face for 20 years, I was at my wits end as foundation either looked grey on my face or I looked like I was caked in it.  My confidence was at rock bottom as people always thought I had dirty patches on my face.

I went along to Riverbanks Wellness to see what could be done.  It was recommended I had the Dermamelan peel and after all the information was explained I booked an appointment.

After the first week and shredding a lot of skin I could see the pigmentation coming off.  After the second week the results was amazing!  The pigmentation had gone and my face looked fresh, youthful and the fine wrinkles barely there!

Four months later I still look youthful, fresh and, above all, the pigmentation has all gone; I haven’t worn foundation since my peel as I haven’t needed to! My confidence is back and people always comment how youthful I look.

The staff are wonderful, welcoming and caring and the treatment I had has made me so happy.”

Lianne, Riverbank’s Patient

Lianne’s problem was something known as hyperpigmentation.  Darker patches of skin can be the result of sun damage, hormonal imbalances, age spots or birthmarks.  They’re bad enough when they appear on your body, but when they’re on your face it can have a serious impact on your lifestyle.

There are several options and each patient has a consultation to explore these and get expert medical advice on the right skin peel for their particular condition.

How a depigmenting skin peel works

The first step is to have a professional, medical, lightening face-mask applied.  This will stay on for several hours so it’s best done early in the day by the medical aesthetician.  You go home with this on and wash it off at the time your aesthetician has advised.

The following day you’ll return to the clinic for assessment and advice on how to look after your skin over the next few days and during the maintenance period.

Over the next few days you’ll shed the dead surface skin and will probably have a slightly red skin as your skin peels.  The results can be visible as early as a week after treatment, but often take longer – up to a month.

The peel acts on the cells that create the darker patches in your skin and reduce the melanin, which is what causes the dark areas. 

It is extremely effective for both light and dark skins – where many salon treatments don’t work at all for darker skin colours.  The statistics say it all; 99% of cases involving abnormal surface level hyper pigmentation report success and it’s also worked in 95% of patients for blemish reduction!

Skin peels banish blemishes

Acne can leave ugly blemishes and scars, in fact, any rash can leave marks behind long after the condition has gone.  With young people it’s often thought that acne is simply part of growing up and is left untreated.  The resulting scars are not only on the skin, but affect confidence and lifestyle long-term.

The right skin peel can make a significant difference in treating mild to moderate acne – although we often recommend a combination of therapies to improve results.  These might include skin peels, extractions, LED phototherapy, hydration and sometimes lasers, collagen induction therapy or medication.  Every patient is unique and the treatment is tailored to their situation as a result of a comprehensive consultation.

The sooner we stop the progress of active acne the better, so if you are currently suffering from this you’ll find our approach is to kill the cause with the right combination of medication and treatment.

Skin peels revive your skin

Some people don’t suffer from any of the problems we’ve explored – but their skin has become dull, less elastic or the pores have enlarged and become visible.  A skin peel is an excellent way to give your skin a new lease of life!  There are peels that are designed to give your skin a boost, restore elasticity, close pores and leave you with a translucent, youthful freshness.

Isn’t it time you gave your skin a treat?  If you’d like to explore skin peels and you’re in Harpenden, Luton, St Albans or the surrounding areas, like Lianne, you’ll find the Riverbanks experience is amazing and the results are simply stunning.

You can download the Riverbanks Wellness app here and book an appointment or you can book online here.

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