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My Christmas Gift to You Plus 4 Others

Published on December 14, 2016 by

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, but sadly, the festive season is now associated as much with stress as with happiness.

There’s a lot of running around and organising… Family situations are not always easy…. And those parties can be exhausting.

So I’ve drawn up a list of Christmas gifts that will nurture mind, body and spirit. In fact, they’re gifts to really enhance life, not just for Christmas.

I’m going to treat friends and family to some of these – and I hope they will prove inspiration to you.

(There’s also a little gift from me to you a few paragraphs down….! But don’t skip ahead quite yet.)

First, let’s look at the mind.

As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, I just love the Headspace meditation app. In this fantastic 10-minute relaxation, the narrator slowly helps you switch off from what’s going on around you and achieve inner calm.

Headspace is now part of my daily routine. I use it every morning to start off my day in the right frame of mind. And anytime I’m feeling overworked or stressed, I just sit down and pop in my earbuds.

So if you know of anyone who would appreciate help achieving 10 minutes of relaxation each day, you can gift them Headspace right here.

Then there’s a wonderful little book I was recently introduced to, which will help anyone add a little calm, joy and peace to their lives.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz examines four irrational, unconscious beliefs that stop us achieving true happiness – and shows how to replace these limiting thoughts with healthy ones.

I am, for example, as guilty as anyone else of making assumptions about people. But when we make assumptions – which are often wrong – this can lead to unnecessary stress.

What this book has taught me is that, by asking more questions, you can better understand others’ points of view and so can react differently.

Reacting differently = less stress.

It’s as simple as that. And yet, the book is a true inspiration.

From the mind we move on to the body…. And this is where I really know about gifts…!

Swisscode Dynalift is a true ‘Christmas Cracker’ of a present.

You may have heard me mention it before, because it’s simply so effective at picking up tired, dull skin, thanks to its combination of hyaluronic acid and natural extracts.

Within five minutes of being applied, this luxurious serum tightens and lifts your skin, smoothing and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Your complexion looks tighter and fresher, is perfect to apply makeup to, and will last up to five hours.

Give it to someone you really care about, who wants to shine during the festive season and beyond…… And don’t forget to pick up a bottle for yourself as well :-)

You can order it from Riverbanks – just drop us a line for more details.

As for the spirit…. There’s nowhere better to start than with the music of Jose Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s songs are incredibly moving – just take a listen to his Vestiges & Claws CD!

I’m planning to see him perform in Paris in January, after lecturing at the biggest aesthetic conference of the year. This is my Christmas ‘gift’ to myself and to my spirit. No one can stay stressed after listening to this Swedish maestro.

And now for the gift I promised you…..

Even with the best-laid plans, the chances are that something will go awry over the festive season. Whether you eat too much, drink too much, end up exhausted or fall prey to one of the many viruses currently doing the rounds, you’ll need something to bring you back to fighting form.

And that’s where Ultraviv comes in…. The perfect antidote to help you get over the Christmas period.

This IV infusion refreshes your body by restoring hydration, decreasing inflammation, relieving pain and nausea and delivering a total energy boost. It’s perfect to help you get over a hangover and recover from illness, too.

While you sit back and relax, we deliver the ‘good stuff’ directly to your blood stream, so you immediately start to feel better.

Over the festive period only, get an Ultraviv treatment at Riverbanks for £99 rather than £199. Hit ‘reply’ to book now, or let us know you’re interested – just make sure you’re treated before December 31.

So, there you are…. My Christmas gifts to you and yours…. Mind, body and spirit taken care of!

Happy shopping –