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Headspace Meditation App for Mindfulness

Published on October 18, 2016 by

It’s been a fantastic few weeks. From viewing the breathtaking Antipodean scenery and lecturing in Zurich, to launching our new CoolSculpting treatment, life has been hectic. 

Exhilarating certainly, but still hectic.

Unfortunately, when you’re travelling and busy, it’s very easy for your routine to disappear. In my case, in the space of a few days my strict regime of healthy eating and exercise went completely out the window. 

I’m sure many of you can relate. The exact same thing can happen when you go on holiday. When you’re away from your own kitchen… When you eat out (and drink) more than usual…. When there’s no gym readily available – you lose your focus.

And even though now, technically, summer is behind us and we’re all back into a ‘routine’, it can be very difficult to pick up where you left off a month or two earlier.

Even worse, half-term is just round the corner, so there’s even more disruption ahead! 

So how do you get back into a healthy routine when you have fallen ‘off the wagon’?

Most people find it extraordinary difficult simply to banish junk food from the house, cook up a healthy storm, or force themselves back to the gym. Finding the willpower to make these behavioural changes can be difficult when you have so many other priorities.

So today I want to share with you a wonderful tip that has really helped me get back on track – and I hope will help you maintain your focus too. 

After all, the first step if you want to have great skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Aesthetic treatments will always work best if they go hand-in-hand with a sensible diet and exercise.

So…… I’m sure you’ve heard of mindfulness, the ancient Buddhist method of being intently aware of the present moment, paying careful attention to your thoughts, experiences and feelings. 

It seems to be the ‘buzz word’ of the moment. That’s because it’s so successful at helping people to control their thoughts, let go of external pressures – and focus on what’s important.

Mindfulness can be tricky to master, but I was fortunate enough to come across a terrific little app that helps…

The Headspace meditation app is a fabulous 10-minute relaxation. The narrator takes you through phases of relaxing, such as sitting straight, gradually closing your eyes, breathing through your nose and out through your mouth and being conscious of your breath travelling through your body. 

Slowly, you block out extraneous noises and switch off from what’s going on around you.  

Then you focus on the one key thing you need to do that day – for example, eating healthily or getting back into an exercise routine. 

I’ve found that starting off each day with these precious few minutes of peace and calm really puts me in the positive frame of mind necessary to kick harmful habits. 

So now, as part of my daily routine, I simply sit down, put in my earbuds and take the 10 minutes to relax (usually after I’ve finished a short run, which – although I actually hate running! – also helps me to clear my head).

Why not download the Headspace app now and try it out yourself? It’s free.

Just plug in your earphones and away you go…. and don’t forget to let me know how you get on.

Here’s to a healthy routine –