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Join Me in Congratulating Debbie

Published on December 30, 2016 by

Over the last couple of emails, our sales manager Priti has told you (and shown you) about her own experience of CoolSculpting.

But Priti isn’t the only Riverbanks staff member to get this fantastic body-sculpting treatment. You may remember that earlier this week, I mentioned another member of staff who’d managed to get rid of her difficult-to-shift double chin.

Debbie was, until last month, one of aestheticians.

“Over the last few years I’ve been conscious of the fact that I’ve been putting weight on and I’m particularly aware of my double chin,” she told me.

“I’d become really self-conscious about this…. Particularly when it was photographed from my side profile as it looked really bad. Even though I’d recently lost some weight, you could still see my double chin….. It wasn’t good and it was making me feel bad despite the fact that I was losing weight.”

I’m sure many people can relate.

As a staff member at Riverbanks, Debbie was used to seeing patients having treatments and was particularly interested in those patients who were having CoolSculpting.

Although until recently, we mostly used it in the abdominal area to get rid of love handles and flatten abs, a few months ago we got a small new applicator which was perfect for the chin area.

“I’d seen the results that CoolSculpting had had on patients’ abdominal regions,” Debbie told me post treatment, “so as soon as we got the ability to treat the jawline, this was of particular interest to me.

“Once I’d undergone my CoolSculpting treatment, I couldn’t immediately see the change, but, within a few weeks, people – including my mum, who didn’t know what I’d had done – were telling me that I looked better.

“Both friends and family were telling me that my jawline looked better and that where my face had previously looked quite rounded, it now had more definition!

“At first I couldn’t see any change, but, within about three weeks, I’d begun to see what others had seen. To be honest, I looked as if I’d had surgery, although I wouldn’t do that. To put it simply, I looked brilliant and everybody else noticed!”

Let’s take a look…..

This is Debbie before the treatment….

As you can see, she has a little double chin (in fact nothing too prominent….), with a little bulge under her jaw.

Just three weeks after the treatment, there’s less fat under her chin. Notice, as well, how her entire jawline is beginning to look better defined, and slimmer:

In fact, these results will continue to develop over the next few weeks, so Debbie’s double chin will continue to disappear.

“Down sides?” says Debbie. “Well, the only thing I would say is that you get so cold that it actually gives you the sensation of feeling hot, but the simple fact is that it’s totally bearable.

“The only time that I felt any discomfort – and I don’t know that I would even call it discomfort – was when the nurse was massaging the skin back to normal. I felt a little pain for a few seconds but, by just remaining calm and unstressed, the sensation passed very quickly.”

I think you can take the eagerness of our own staff to get CoolSculpting as the ultimate badge of approval. After all, they see what it involves, and the kind of results it delivers, every day – and they want it.

If you, too, want your double chin to disappear, just hit ‘reply’ and let’s talk. We’ll get things moving for you – literally! – within just a few weeks.