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Laser Resurfacing — London CO2RE Treatment

Published on February 29, 2016 by
Laser Resurfacing

CO2RE treatment is a type of laser resurfacing technology that rejuvenates the skin using a concept called fractional photothermolysis. During this, the fractional laser treats numerous small areas of the skin – microthermal treatment zones.

CO2RE is an ablative laser. The trade-off between ablative and non-ablative techniques would be that ablative techniques have more dramatic results but have a longer recovery period, whereas non-ablative techniques are gentler but achieve more modest results.

Because CO2RE is a fractional ablative laser, this offer patients the best of both ablative and non-ablative treatments by targeting the parts of the skin that need to be treated and leaving other parts unharmed.

Thus, this cutting-edge technology combines the resurfacing benefits of intense laser energy with the recovery time of a light-energy laser.

Consult with Medical Director & Consultant Aesthetic Physician Dr. Ravi Jain at our London office to learn more about CO2RE laser resurfacing.

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