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R-Lift Procedure

Published on August 22, 2016 by

Tēnā koutou katoa!

That’s hello to you in Maori. Yes, this week’s email is winging its way to you from Queenstown, New Zealand, where I’m enjoying a few days before heading off to Australia.

New Zealand is a beautiful country, with breathtaking scenery. Because I’m only here for a short time, I booked onto a helicopter trip so that I could see as much of the fantastic landscape as quickly as possible…. Just take a look for yourself….

Leisure activities have been just a small part of my trip, though. I’m actually here to teach New Zealand doctors about the fabulous R-Lift procedure – the technique I developed and recently trademarked, to give patients the same effect as a facelift, but without any surgery.

New Zealand’s college of GPs has been really enthusiastic about aesthetic medicine, making it a sub-speciality with a formal training programme. It’s proof, once again, that how someone looks – and how they feel about themselves – can be linked to their health and sense of wellbeing.

I saw it in action at the conference… as did everyone present!

After introducing the concept of R-Lift, I treated some models on the stage, showing them how we inject small amounts of dermal fillers into as few as two points on either side of the face. Unlike ordinary fillers, we run a cannula beneath the skin’s surface, to break up the fibrous bands that fuse skin to muscle and fade deep wrinkles.

They could see immediately how using so few needles makes bruising very rare, and in 99% of cases doesn’t require any anaesthetic. It also keeps the cost down for patients (the procedure starts from £900).

Most importantly, the entire crowd could see how normal the models looked after the treatment – none of the ‘plastic-y’, stretched, fake look people who have traditional face lifts sometimes get. Just tighter skin. No one will be able to tell they had a procedure.

Several of my models were reduced to tears – tears of happiness, I hasten to add. But one in particular was really moved.

She told me later that she was a breast cancer survivor, whose confidence has been knocked by years of treatments with difficult physical side-effects. She felt run-down and older than her years.

The facelift gave her such a boost, she told me she felt as if she’d turned a corner. She could now look forward to the future with a new outlook…. and a new look!

The aesthetic doctors at the conference were totally blown away by the technique and will be using it to achieve the same natural results in their own patients.

This week I’ll be taking the R-Lift to Melbourne. So the R-Lift is going global….

But in the UK, it’s only available at Riverbanks. If you want to find out more about it, and how it can help lift, refresh and rejuvenate your skin, just hit ‘reply’ and we’ll be in touch.

In the meantime…. Kia ora!