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Published on December 29, 2016 by

“I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain.”

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard Priti, our sales manager, say this. But this time, she was about to get her first Coolsculpting treatment, to get rid of some fat she hadn’t managed to shift around her abdomen.

Later, she was going to have Coolsculpting under chin, as well, to get a more defined jawline – an area she had been concerned about since getting her hair cut very short last year.

Naturally, pain is always a major concern for patients. And many people do wonder about CoolSculpting, because it involves freezing your fat cells – and they worry about just how cold it’s going to get…..

The problem is that everyone has a different pain threshold. By her own admission Priti’s is pretty low, so I was particularly keen to hear from her how she found this aspect of the CoolSculpting treatment.

As with my last email, I’m going to turn you over to the lovely lady herself so that you can hear from her – just as her CoolSculpting session finishes, and the area is massaged – about how she feels and about any discomfort that she may have experienced.

I hope this will also give you a little insight into what goes on during a CoolSculpting session, as many patients ask what’s it’s really like:

So there you have it from Priti herself…. “a little uncomfortable” was about as bad as it got!

And the results? I’m going to follow Priti up early in the New Year, by which time the results of the CoolSculpting will be fully visible.

What Priti can expect to see is a jawline that’s much more defined than before, and a significant reduction in the fat around her abdomen. This will give her a top half and bottom half which are much more ‘in sync’ and balanced – this was her primary goal – so I’m sure she’ll be delighted.

In the meanwhile, here’s what happened to Priti following the treatment:

“What really impressed me most about my CoolSculpting treatment was that there was no swelling, bruising or, in fact, any signs that I’d had any treatment at all.

“Apart from the fact that I had no sensation when I touched my chin, from the outside no one would have known that I’d had any work done.

“I’d said before the treatment that one of the things that most attracted me to CoolSculpting had been the fact that there was no downtime.

“But do you know what? After the treatment I actually went straight out for a meal with friends! And no one even thought or guessed that I’d had anything done, which is just what you want.”

You’ll see Priti’s results in a few weeks, but if you want to know more about CoolSculpting and what it can do for you now, just hit “reply”. We’ll get you on the road to a more sculpted body in 2017 before you know it.

Warm regards,

PS. Still wondering about what kind of results CoolSculpting delivers? Luckily another member of our staff had her treatment a few weeks before Priti – and is already seeing results. I’ll share her story with you tomorrow.